The Meteoritic Rise of ByteCoin (BCN)

Doing a quick price analysis of ByteCoin (BCN) indicates that the coin has done an impressive 486% increment in value from levels back in early April of $0.002. BCN is currently valued at $0.011726 and up a cool 25.76% in 24 hours. ByteCoin had peaked to levels of $0.018 only a few minutes after being listed on popular exchange, Binance, on the 8th of May. This is a percentage increment of 800% from the $0.002 value earlier mentioned.

In the announcement on the 8th of May via the Binance website, trading was enabled for BCN against Binance Coin (BNB), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). But moments later, Binance users were experiencing delays in deposits and withdrawals prompting another announcement by the Binance team. However, the deposit and withdrawal of BCN on Binance is now 100% operational and at the moment of writing this.

The ByteCoin team were able to inform the users through twitter on the resolved Binance issues but also on developments of BCN issues on other exchanges. The tweets were as follows:

May 10th:

The #Bytecoin network has been updated and now it is stable and working normally. Soon deposits and withdrawals will be open on all exchanges. Our team continues to work on our software and we will soon update our users to download new software. The latest version is 3.0.4 #BCN

Dear Community! #Bytecoin Deposits and Withdrawals are now available on @binance! #Bytecoin #BCN #Binance

May 11th:

Dear Community! #Bytecoin Deposits and Withdrawals are now available on @Poloniex! #BCN #Poloniex

However, the issues have not been resolved on HitBTC:

Dear Community. #HitBTC Deposits are currently unavailable! @hitbtc has informed us that it will take a few days to restore. Withdrawals are only available in general mode.

Also to add, and due to the meotoritic rise of ByteCoin in the markets, the BCN team has warned that there is no Airdrop or Ethereum give away happening with respect to the project. All announcements of the sorts are scams and should not be ignored by BCN owners and traders.