This Gaming DApp is Moving from the Ethereum Platform to that of Zilliqa (ZIL) 10

This Gaming DApp is Moving from the Ethereum Platform to that of Zilliqa (ZIL)

The Ethereum platform was the pioneer blockchain platform for decentralized applications and ICOs due to its smart contract capability. But with time, there is always advancements in existing technology to rival that that started the industry in the first place. In the case of smart contracts, there has emerged two equally good projects of Zilliqa (ZIL) and Tron (TRX) that will rival the ‘parent’ platform of Ethereum as the days go by.

Tron has most recently released a Mainnet platform with Zilliqa having just released a second version of the Testnet on June 30th. The Mainnet of Zilliqa has been scheduled for release in the third quarter of this year but it seems the platform has already won over one decentralized application from the Ethereum platform.

The Etheremon DApp has been experiencing high gas fees on the Ethereum network as well as the usual scalability issues since Ethereeum can only handle 25 transactions per second. Transaction fees on the Etheremon DApp have reached to values of 100 Gwei (0.00000010 ETH) forcing the creators to move ‘monster’ battles off-chain to deal with the rising fees and said scalability issues. In-game assets are still kept on-chain and fully owned by users as the team at Etheremon looks for a long term solution with the team at Zilliqa.

With this new off-chain change, battles will no longer cost a fee to play and there will be an energy system that works for battles – including practice and rank mode. Players can also claim 2 free energy supplies every hour.

The team at Zilliqa would make the following statement on their medium page with regards to the new collaboration with the creators of Etheremon: EMONT Alliance.

Gaming is viewed as one of the big potential applications for blockchain because it gives game developers the ability to directly incentivize gamers with rewards and also offers true ownership of in-game assets, even if the game were to be discontinued. We feel that games are a good fit for the Zilliqa platform because of our high throughput and low transaction costs.

This statement reiterates the fact that the Zilliqa platform – with 2,828 transactions per second on only 6 shards this far – will be ideal for DApps in gaming, entertainment, digital advertising as well as finance.

In the case of Etheremon, it is a game that creates a world of Mons (Etheremons) where you capture, train, transform and trade them with others. This therefore includes aspects of gaming and finance that needs a blockchain with a high throughput such as that of Zilliqa.

In conclusion, the emergence of new and faster blockchain platforms with smart contract capability will make it possible for some DApps to move away from the Ethereum network. Zilliqa stands a chance of attracting more of these DApp creators as can be seen with Etheremon.

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