To the Moon, Trading View Says Yes to Bitcoin–BTC Bottoming Up?

Complete with the “mooning” slogan and a Astronauts in the back ground, Bitcoin investors should get ready for a moon-sling. 2019 is not the year of regulators. It is the year of adoption and Trading View is joining the fray, shifting from fiat to crypto and Bitcoin to be specific. Latest news is that the platform–which is popular among traders because of their unparallel relay of real time data, market insights and easy to use technical features, is finally accepting Bitcoin in its purest form. Platform users can now pay for their yearly premium plan with Bitcoin with prices pegged at 0.09 BTCs.

“We have locked the Premium plan price at BTC 0.09 to express our support of the crypto community. What this means for you is that the lower the BTC price the higher the discount!”

Trading View Premium Plan at 0.09 BTCs

The beauty about this arrangement is that traders stand to benefit or pay for premium depending on the demand of the coin. Trending at current rates of $3663.40 against the USD, it will cost a user roughly $330 to subscribe for Trending View’s Premium Plan. If anything, this is cheap but assuming prices bottom up and surge to $6,000, at 0.09 BTCs, subscription will be expensive forcing many to revert back to USD rails.

All the same, there are several advantages to be drawn when one subscribe to Trading View Premium Plan. First, subscription supports the site helping them expand their sources—they currently drawn them from more than 25 crypto exchanges including BitStamp, Binance and BitFinex. The more the sources, the more accurate the asset’s fair value is. Secondly, users benefit from an Ad-free experience, enjoy real time chats, unlimited chart layout and watch lists and for technical analysts, the dream of loading up-to 25 indicators in a single chart.

Bitcoin Bottoms

What’s on everyone mind now is whether Trading  View is optimistic of what the future holds and that asset prices have found bottoms. Note that it has been a deep slide with BTC prices sliding 75 percent from 2017 peaks. It also resonates well with claims a cryptocurrency analyst that this is the last time BTC prices will be trading at current levels. As covered by Ethereum World News, the analyst said:

“This “could be” the last time the general population can afford to buy an entire $BTC. After 2021 – Bitcoin could move to a market price where most will only buy fractions. Global income per household is debatable, regardless, $BTC speculative value could be out of reach for most”

Trading View deciding to accept BTC without tying it to fiat prices also affirms Kaspersky’s finding that Bitcoin use is up 571 percent in the last five years.

“Despite a fall in cryptocurrency prices, there is still a strong desire for digital transactions amongst consumers. Our consumer research has found that 13% of people have used cryptocurrency as a payment method, which was surprising to see.”