Tokenizer: Simplifying ICO Investing To Maximize Your Return On Investment 10

Tokenizer: Simplifying ICO Investing To Maximize Your Return On Investment

One of the greatest leaps of faith a crypto enthusiast can do, is to invest his hard earned money in an ICO that captivates his imagination as a feasible project, as well as his thirst for profits. The unregulated ICO industry has been a hotbed of successful projects such as Ethereum’s and Tron’s as well has total scams like Pincoin token and Bitconnect.

So how do you differentiate the gems from the dirt in ICO investing?

Tokenizer is a unique and innovative investment solution that keeps crypto investments simple for the audience. The platform helps global investors, like you and I, to tap into the ever growing crowd-funding market using blockchain digital tokens. With many ICOs being available daily, it is difficult for any one individual to choose the right one that will deliver a working product as well as a handsome Return On Investment (ROI).

The Tokenizer platform, which is duly incorporated in Hong Kong, simplifies this process by allowing users to directly pay for custom investment plans using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC), irrespective of the size of the contribution. Once the funds are received, they are used to purchase digital tokens during token pre-sales which have discounted offers available exclusively to institutional investors or pool managers. These tokens are then sold later at a profit to ensure all users receive up to 50% net on each investment made.

Once the team accesses the token pre-sales that are traditionally inaccessible to individual investors, they purchase the tokens through an ICO pool from the individual funds collected from registered users and according to their unique simple investment plan. The team at Tokenizer manages the high profile blockchain tokens allowing the users to earn daily interest on their crypto. The Tokenizer team firmly believes that there’s a big potential in the crypto world and are particularly proud to be providing services in this field to the regular investor further reducing their investment risks.

All an interested individual has to do, is to create an account through the traditional methods of entering an email, username and a 6 digit pin code for security. As soon as that is done, the user can fund the account using the aforementioned currencies of BTC, ETH, LTC and BTH. The platform can handle micro as well as large investments thus offering lower fees and better prices than traditional banks. Once the deposit is confirmed, the user selects a customized plan and starts receiving daily earnings. The user is then free to withdraw these earnings through a cash-out option on the platform.

There is also an easy to use online calculator for users to figure out their returns based on the amount of initial investment they want to put in. The value of the initial investment can range as follows and with respect to each cryptocurrency:

BTC 0.01 50
LTC 0.25 2,500
ETH 0.05 550
BCH 0.05 550

In addition to having the above qualities, Tokenizer has a referral program where users get additional rewards for anyone who signs up for the service through them. Tokenizer uses a revenue sharing model to stimulate the expansion of the platform. Each direct referral earns a user a reward of 5% on each deposit made as well as 5% reward based on the daily dividend.

In summary, Tokenizer reduces the risk in ICO investing by having a stellar team doing the assessment of each project thoroughly to guarantee its viability. If the project proves to be solid, the team has access to pre-sale events where they buy digital tokens in bulk and through a pool of funds deposited by users on the platform. These tokens are later sold at a profit guaranteeing a 50% Return on Investment for each user at the end of the whole process. There is also a referral program that introduces further revenue sharing as well as introduces new funds from the new users, to the ICO pool.