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Top Bitcoin Exchanges Supportive of Hard Fork

It makes good sense to know where your exchange stands with the upcoming Bitcoin hard fork. Some have lost out previously as their exchange did not support a second chain and others got a payout in equivalent coin. The new protocol is split between miners who largely support the doubling of the block size from 1 to 2Mb and developers who are resisting the split. Exchanges are generally in support of the new protocol which will come into effect after block 494,784, or around November 16.

Finding out what the official standing is from each of the top exchanges makes sense so that holders of Bitcoin can decide whether to leave them where they are or move to a more supportive exchange. Here is what we found out from the leading crypto exchanges.


Leading US exchange Coinbase has released a statement confirming that they will fully support the hard fork and a new split from the blockchain. The two versions of Bitcoin will be made available after the fork and users holding BTC at the time of it will be credited with an equivalent amount of Bitcoin2x. Trading in both versions of the coin will be made available though transactions will be disabled for 24 hours leading up to the fork


Support at Bitfinex has been very strong; the exchange has even allowed users to trade futures for the new BT2 coin. The have a lengthy terms and conditions page explaining how the exchange will handle the split:


Popular altcoin trading platform Bittrex had yet to make an official statement on their announcement page but they have generally been supportive of previous forks so it is likely that this will continue.


The announcement from Binance was rather vague but did indicate that they would be supporting Segwit2x also.

If the hardfork happens, Binance would like to support any meaningful forks. We will decide the coin listing depending on the situation, our priority is to protect our customers funds.” will also be enabling trading in two versions of Bitcoin after the fork and have added the following pairs;  B2X/BTC, B2X/USD, B2X/EUR and B2X/GBP. Gdax has a very similar policy to Coinbase and will credit users with Bitcoin and equal amount of B2X.


Kraken have yet to release an official standpoint on the hard fork but they did eventually accept Bitcoin Cash so may well do so with B2X/BT2. No statement has been made from Bitstamp but considering that they did not support the Bitcoin Cash fork it remains to be seen which version they will be running after Segwit2x.


Finally BTCC made this statement regarding the split:

Users can obtain 1MB and 2MB by depositing bitcoins (BTC) in their BTCC DAX or USD Exchange accounts, and then going to the Balance page on BTCC DAX or the Account Overview page on BTCC USD Exchange to “split” the BTC into 1MB and 2MB. One BTC can be split into one 1MB and one 2MB. One 1MB and one 2MB can be joined into one BTC. “

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