Top NEO dAPP Migrates to EOS."The NEO Blockchain Sucks," Says Its CEO 12

Top NEO dAPP Migrates to EOS.”The NEO Blockchain Sucks,” Says Its CEO

Despite the optimism of the NEO community thanks to the activity around the development of NEO 3.0, some people remain skeptical about the success of this blockchain that seeks to become the most important platform for the development of dApps by 2020.

Top NEO dAPP Migrates to EOS."The NEO Blockchain Sucks," Says Its CEO 13And although for NEO the decision of a single developer is not enough to measure its success, it is always important to take into account the opinions of third parties, especially if they come from a team behind one of the most important dApps of the blockchain

A few days ago, the developers of Effect AI, one of NEO’s top dApps, conducted an AMA in their official Telegram group. They noted how disappointed they were with the platform’s performance, which despite being good for the ICO, had failed when “put to the test.”

“NEO Sucks”

The words of Chris Dawe, CEO of Effect AI were a little harsher, but right to the point:

We then realized that the NEO blockchain sucks and we need to get the heck out of that town. So we stopped production on many of the Blockchain applications we were putting together in our Smart Contract stack and focused on going to conferences and exploring other blockchains.

That being said the gpool smart contract is fully built on NEO but no point in deploying as it will never go live on NEO.

Later on, in an official blog post, Effect AI elaborated a little more on the subject. The team explains that the NEO blockchain has not been stable enough to process a high number of TPS. The free transaction system, although attractive, was not functional:

NEO’s free transaction system for end users turned out not to be viable as they coped with multiple malicious spam attacks, the current state of the blockchain has a limited transaction throughput, and the smart contract compilers, besides C#, are quite immature.

EOS: The New Blockchain for Effect AI

The Effect AI development team explained that for months they were exploring blockchains such as “Ethereum, Komodo, Tezos, and a handful of others” but only EOS has what it takes to fulfill their vision.

The team explains that this blockchain is scalable enough to guarantee a stable, promising and secure future for this dApp that hopes to gain a massive number of users as time goes by:

Simply put: EOS is scalable, easy to iterate upon, fast, technologically advanced, secure, has high TPS, and has a great community and ecosystem.

Effect AI’s token swap will take place sometime during the month of April, according to AMA Telegram information. The community received the news with much enthusiasm, expressing their optimism in the Telegram group after the migration to EOS was announced.