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TRON Founder Announces TRX Token Will be Listed on LBANK Exchange

The founder of TRON (TRX) announced today that the digital token will be listed on exchange LBANK with more exchanges coming.

Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron Foundation, took to Twitter earlier today to reveal the news, further pushing the token into the limelight. LBANK, which is an exchange platform, offers trading fees of 0.10 percent. It currently has around 50 listed tokens, and the addition of TRX would make it one of the larger tokens traded on the platform. Some enthusiasts of the 15th-placed altcoin have said to expect a bull run as a result.

According to Sun, TRX will be added to more exchanges; however, he didn’t provide any names. At the news, some users have queried whether Coinbase will list it in the future. One user, said:

“After Tron completes their Mainnet, they will be off the ERC-20 and can look to be added to Coinbase. However that all depends on what Coinbase decides to add. Probably @RobinhoodApp first.”

Others believe that the addition to Coinbase will take place after the mainnet and the exchanges that don’t have TRON listed will be missing out.

Yet, even though many have welcomed the news from Sun, others have criticised his method of ‘announcing announcements.’

Over the past few days, TRON followers have been awaiting its main net release. Earlier this week Sun announced on social media that the releasing date of it will be revealed this week. The update will mean that TRON will no longer be reliant on Ethereum, opening the door to faster and cheaper transactions.

However, many would prefer if Sun simply made the announcement that it had happened, rather than dragging the process out. One person tweeted:

“Justin man I am a really devoted fan of #Tron and never said a bad word, always been supportive and fighting the FUD, but please react to all the feedback and stop announcing that you will announce something soon, please simply shoot the news when it is time, honestly it harms!!!”

Yet, despite the negativity toward Sun’s approach, others have rallied behind him, with one user tweeting:

“Your negative comment is the same as cutting your own throat. A smart investor does not publicly disparage their own investment. #tron can only rise with new investors. Your actions results investors looking elsewhere to put their money. A loyal community is a part of success.”

Despite a sluggish end to 2017, the TRON token rose to its highest to date at $0.283659 on the 5th January, according to CoinMarketCap. At the time of publishing, it is trading at $0.043011, with a market cap of just under $3 billion, behind Ethereum Classic.