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Tron (TRX) Invests In $300,000 In 3 Top Class Ideas, Includes Experienced Block Explorer

Tron mainNet launch as been surrounded with numerous developments and great moves coming from within the altcoin’s community. To better enhance Tron, the team behind the altcoin has invested $300,000 on top-class new projects.

One very important step surrounding the official launch of Tron mainNet is the accelerator loan. At the press time, the team has announced that the first batch of the chosen projects, which emerged from the first Tron Programming Competition, have received their loans, amounting to $300,000 with each chosen project receiving $100,000.

Tron (TRX) Invests In $300,000 In 3 Top Class Ideas, Includes Experienced Block Explorer 12

A statement by the Tron Lab indicated that the first batch of Tron Accelerator Loan recipients include a developer team, and two individual developers, and they are to use the loan to standardize their projects.

One of the most respected competitor, Rovak, is touted by the Tron team as the best block explorer in the competition. The competitor is known by the community for its complete functionalities and guarantee of great user experience, the statement has said.

In the same line, the Getty/IO developed wallet is presented as an innovative exploration into wallet security. While Getty/IO did not win an award in the competition, the Tron team openly celebrated the innovation and its unique perspective, stating afterward that unawarded projects should make further optimization to their developments so that they can receive loans for the outstanding ones.

In the same vein, the competition also featured the developer team, KENT, who were highly responsive and creative. They created an outstanding wallet.

“We value their attitude and hope to inject a similar vitality into our developer community to maintain a great vibe for technical exchanges,” Tron team said about Team Kent in the statement.

“We highly appreciate their contribution to Tron ecosystem.”

In conclusion, the Tron community indicated that it, with openness and candidness, welcomes all blockchain enthusiasts and developers, stating that Tron ecosystem will receive all ideas, even though the competition is over.

“If you have well-developed DApp for Tron’s mainnet, please contact us for Tron Accelerator program. If your project qualifies, we are happy to offer you a loan.”

“Meanwhile, if you find interest in developing DApps on our mainnet, we welcome you to join our technical discussions and exchanges,” the statement concluded.