TRON Founder Justin Sun: "This is Just the Beginning of a Fantastic Story" 14
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TRON Founder Justin Sun: “This is Just the Beginning of a Fantastic Story”

Justin Sun has become a crypto-celebrity. Some consider him an example to follow while others merely label him as a charlatan. The truth is that despite what people think, nobody can deny that today Tron TRX is one of the cryptocurrencies with more media presence, surpassing even projects with a larger market cap.

TRON Founder Justin Sun: "This is Just the Beginning of a Fantastic Story" 15

At just 28 years old, Justin Sun has an impressive resume. Founder of Peiwo (Callme), Ripple’s former Chief Representative, CEO of BitTorrent, Ceo of TRON. Additionally, he’s in Forbes China 30 under 30, and prides himself on being the only millennial to graduate from Jack Ma’s Hupan University.

In an interview for Coin Central, Justin Sun talked about his success in the business world, and the many factors that have led Tron to become the social phenomenon it is today.

Justin Sun had his first contact with cryptos thanks to an article published by the New York Times. The characteristics of Bitcoin motivated him to dedicate his life to this world, so he started working at Ripple. Shortly afterward he left the company because he disagreed with its centralized power policies and decided to start his own project:

“I first came into contact with blockchain when I was studying in the US. I was reading the New York Times when I came across a story about Bitcoin. I was immediately drawn to how decentralized it was, it’s transparency and immutable qualities. That’s why I started working for Ripple and expanding the Ripple protocol to the Greater China region. I wanted to pursue values that I believe are worth fighting for.

But it was more difficult than I imagined to do this via an organization based in banking. An autonomous, decentralized community was a better alternative. I then went on to start TRON in 2017 to make my vision a reality. Looking back, I’m happy to say that I made the right decision.”

Justin Sun on FUD and Shill: “TRON Reached All Its Milestones Without Any Significant Snag”

Tron has sparked a lot of controversy in the crypto-verse. The bad image resulting from plagiarism accusations, and the fall in prices after John McAfee shilling the project led many to question its credibility, however, Justin Sun faces the skeptics with an irrefutable argument:

“FUD and Shill are commonly used to change the perception investors have around cryptocurrencies to influence the price. Unlike some projects, TRON reached all its milestones (test net, main net, election of the witness nodes, virtual machine launch) without any significant snag. I believe that’s a great example that TRON is not only hype like some people say.”

Justin Sun About Tron’s Future

Justin Sun is a true believer in the potential of his Project. And despite being in an early stage, the massive adoption and the growing number of new partnerships show that more and more other important players in the world of finance and technology also rely on this vision.

TRON is transforming how the internet works to its core. I believe any application that is built on our network will unlock its power and benefit to the most. I’m excited to see the entertainment industry but also traditional sectors such as telecom, banking, energy, real estate, education.

… People say blockchain will take more than ten years before you can experience it. Our team is working 24/7 to make that happen in much less. I founded the company in September 2017; today we are about 300 people. This is just the beginning of a fantastic story.

Right now, Tron TRX ranks 11th in the global market cap with a total capitalization of almost 1.5 billion USD. Its closest rival Monero XMR has a capitalization of 1.7 Billion USD.

TRON Founder Justin Sun: "This is Just the Beginning of a Fantastic Story" 16