Tron TRX

Tron on the Rise, TRX Full Potential Starting To Show

There hasn’t been a dull day in the Tron network since its Super Representatives elections were held back in 2018. Misha Lederman has since then been elected as an advisor to the platform’s Dapp Evolution Ecosystem. Misha, a consultant and security expert is deeply respected by the Tron community but is also a fan of the platform as well.

He has promised significant new upgrades to be released in 2019, which includes one of its largest; BitTorrent’s Project Atlas by Tron’s founder and Dapp Evolution’s TronChat. As the Tron foundation and Justin Sun work harder at growing and improving the platform’s ecosystem, the user base is expanding at lightning speeds.

What its main net lacks in age, it makes up for it with sheer innovation, enthusiasm, and creativity, with more than 400 live dApps drawing 88,928 users per day. Similarly, Tron addresses are exponentially growing, shooting past two million barely a year after launching meaning the network processes more transactions that EOS and Ethereum.

Tron’s Rapid Growth

Tron is quickly molding itself to the position of block chain’s most popular platform, thanks to its rapid growth. As the market faces difficult BitFinex – Tether issues, the rather new entrant, Tron is holding still and showing progressive movement, inching closer towards the top-10. With the number of dApps growing faster on the platform, it is highly possible that Tron will surpass EOS soon in sheer dApps innovation and Ethereum too shortly. 

Tron sits behind EOS, taking third place. However, the rate of innovation at Tron is so high. There is definitely a high chance that Tron’s will surpass EOS’s in a weeks ahead. Ethereum, on the other hand, has 1700 dApps to its name, but Tron is striking deals at a faster rate.

Besides, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Technology Development (CCID) ranked Tron as the second best crypto after EOS, displacing Ethereum.  The CCID evaluation revolved around creativity, essential tech ability and the applicability of a digital asset. The analysis pointed to Tron’s “high-level reliability and coverage even though it is still young and growing. Its network is compatible with the Ethereum’s VM which makes the processing of chained transaction better.”

Tron–Speed and Scalability

Tron runs on a technological democracy known as delegated proof of stake. Unlike Bitcoin’s Proof of Work consensus algorithm, DPoS, is energy efficient and is the epitome of decentralization. Larimer came to realize that the emergence of large mining pools, would end up centralizing Bitcoin mining leaving it in the hands of a few. The Elected Tron Super Representatives run its entire protocol, producing blocks for compensation. Even so, the community says despite what dPoS brings, there is a degree of centralization.