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Tron (TRX): 11 Days To TVM Launch, 22 Exchanges Resume TRX Trading

The road to success is never easy or linear. It sometimes requires different phases. Tron has for long been on stages of different developmental moves. Ever since the completion of Tron’s MainNet and transfer of TRX token to its ecosystem, several exchanges which pledged support for the altcoin have embarked on processes which will aid the seamless withdrawal and deposition of TRX token on their platform for trade.

Today, in a tweet issued by Justin Sun, it was aired that 22 exchanges have resumed the trading of TRX coin as of July 18.

“22 exchanges already resumed #TRX deposit and withdrawal as of July 18 (UTC+8). #TRON $TRX,” Sun noted.

While the MainNet launch and the Independence Day of the Cryptocurrency was successfully, Tron is making progress in its activities by having close cooperation with exchanges and wallet so that those which tendered their support could earnestly initiate trading.

As of today, according to a release, number of exchanges and wallets have begun withdrawal and deposit operation for the coin. Stated in the release are the following exchanges; Binance, Bitfinex, Bitforex, Bitpie, Bittrex, Bit-Z, Bjex, Cobo, CoinEgg, Coinfalcon, Coinnest, Cryptopia,, Hitbtc, Huobi, Koinex, Liqui, Max Exchange, OKEx, Quoine, Tokenomy, and Upbit.

Tron Virtual Machine (TVM)

Six day before the launch of Tron’s MainNet, the Alpha version of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) was launched into space (May 25). But as of today, the official launch of the Virtual Machine, according to Justin, is left with only 11 days.

According to the Cryptocurrency, the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) developed by Tron’s ecosystem which is a turing complete virtual machine is designed with the intent of making dozens of developers across the world build custom blockchain system with ease.

The lightweight Virtual Machine fabricated with high level of scalability is said to be compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine [EVM], developer friendly, and will have more mainstream VMs in the future.

According to the opinion of many observers, it has been said that the development, when finally launched could help Tron achieve greater heights especially the long yearned 6th position.