TRON (TRX) Aims on Having 2000 Dapps This Year. USDT Successfully Launched on TRON 10

TRON (TRX) Aims on Having 2000 Dapps This Year. USDT Successfully Launched on TRON

The TRON ecosystem is growing every day and Justin Sun doesn’t seem to be willing to rest. The head of the TRON Foundation is focused on creating one of the most important blockchains in the world and it seems that this goal is getting closer despite the criticism his project receives.

One way to understand the success of a blockchain is through the quantity of projects developed around it. In this field, TRON has a strong advantage in terms of growth because it is the blockchain that registers the highest amount of new dapps every day, surpassing other competitors such as Ethereum, NEO, EOS or Steem.

Recently, Justin Sun explained that his goal is to have at least 2000 Dapps running on the TRON blockchain before the conclusion of this year. This target is extremely ambitious, however it is possible if the platform keeps the same pace that it registers today.

 “We already have nearly 300 on TRON in just a few months, and we aim to get to 2,000 by the end of this year.

USDT Can Now Run on the TRON Blockchain

It is also important to note that TRON successfully launched the USDT token based on the TRC-20 standard yesterday. This implies that now, a significant number of transactions executed with the strongest stablecoin in the market will run on TRON, increasing the exposure of users to this blockchain.

In an open letter to his followers, Justin Sun explained that this new partnership will be of great help to stabilize a market as volatile as the cryptomarket, emphasizing also that now that USDT will run on Tron, trading and swap tokens such as USDT, TRX, BTT and others will be much easier and comfortable:

“I think of USDT built on TRON blockchain as a win for the blockchain industry and for our community. More people will be able to trade TRX, BTT and other TRC-based tokens through the TRC20 based USDT pair, creating liquidity. In turn, liquidity helps build confidence and trust that typically results in greater stability throughout the ecosystem.”

Mr Sun also explained that the emission of a TRC-20 based USDT is an important step towards the massive adoption of this blockchain, since it is a use case oriented to the average consumer.

Right now, USDT has a total marketcap of $2.490.127.860 being the most important stablecoin in the market and the 8th cryptocurrency with the largest marketcap. TRON (TRX) is in the 11th spot with a total marketcap of $1.781.966.363