TRON [TRX], Amid Controversy And Turbulence, Expands With 2500 Nodes In 31 Countries

Surely, there is no cloud without a silver lining, this is akin to the scenario of Justin Sun’s cryptocurrency, TRON, a network that poses to “Make Web Decentralized Again”.

The first technical debut of the altcoin, TRON Test Net launch, ushered completed nodes, transactions, basic network functions, and customizable modules, which rouse skepticism and praise from fans and enthusiasts.

Among the drama which the recent launch stimulated include a question which Kasei Arakaki asked,

“This is not a doubt or FUD. Asking a genuine question… do we have evidence these nodes are functioning and authentic? I’d love to see some more tangible information regarding the test net and how it is currently running and performing. Maybe someone could provide links for me?”

Contrarily, a lover of TRON, Jacob Guinto in a tweet praised Tron’s Development:

“Holy, KILLING IT JUSTIN KILLINGGGGG ITTTT! I have personally setup 3 nodes in Czechia – easy process, immediate projection on the map – this is for real guys great work from Tron foundation and Justin Sun. I think you can setup a node on the moon now.”

Albeit of the contrivances and turbulence which includes the loggerhead between Tron and Ethereum, and the bearish crypto market which really affected Tron, the cryptocurrency, within 7 days of the Test Net launch has increased it’s tentacles to 31 countries with 2500 nodes. As such, this has stirred increased confidence from its users and investors.

There has been several Tweets between Justin Sun and Vitalik Buterin, with a recent one from Sun claiming that Tron is better that Ethereum in 7 ways.

Tron’s Performance In The Market.

The price of Tron, over the last few days has been fluctuation, as the market also remains unpromising. Presently, Tron is being priced 0.0376 against Dollar with a total market cap of over 2billion USD, according to Coinraking. Likewise, the position of Tron has also taken the same trend, oscillating between 10th and 15th in the last few days.

A developmental move, which basically rouse exchange of words between Sun and Buterin, is that Tron will be migrating from Ethereum’s platform, and will no longer be an ERC20 token but an independent token in its own ecosystem.