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Tron (TRX) Dishes $20,000 To 10 Outstanding Projects

Tron (TRX) has set aside nothing less than $200,000 to improve its newly launched MainNet. In this regard, Tron Incentive Plan, which was launched on June 19, 2018, is offering rewards of $20,000 each to 10 topnotch DApps designed for Tron’s MainNet.

The plan, according to Tron team, was designed purposely to show that the blockchain platform appreciates its dedicated developers whose contribution are centred on developing Tron ecosystem.

After the Tron Programming Competition has ended, most developer teams still communicate with Tron Foundation to show how they have improved their DApp. This triggered Tron community to award teams who are seriously improving Tron ecosystem with an incentive of USD$20,000.

Tron (TRX) Dishes $20,000 To 10 Outstanding Projects 12

The ten teams

According to Tron Foundation, “the above teams didn’t win rewards in the Programming Competition, they have demonstrated to us their creativity and technical strengths. We also appreciate that they are highly engaged in Tron’s development and injected positive energy into Tron’s community.”

With this Incentive Plan, it is clear that Tron is ready to support outstanding community developers to increase user’s experience in Tron ecosystem.

“Now that the mainnet has been launched officially, Tron encourages the development of more high-quality DApps and the participation of more teams in Tron’s development towards a thriving Tron ecosystem,” a statement by Tron has reflected.

“Tron has always been running its community guided by the principle of openness and stays committed to the establishment of a strong decentralized network in a global ecosystem. We will be delighted to have more developers joining in the construction of Tron ecosystem.”

About Tron $20K Incentive Plan

The Tron $20K Incentive Plan is dedicated to strengthen and promote the rapid development of TRON’s community. The plan gives a $20,000 reward to projects that are similar to TRON’s current outstanding wallets and blockchain browsers.

While it is aimed to reward those who contributed to TRON’s global ecosystem, projects that are reviewed to be excellent are granted the reward on the spot.

Tron In the Market

Tron has recently nosedived to the 12th Position in the cryptocurrency market. However, there is hope Tron will return to its previous space or even move to the 6th position as envisaged by Tron Founder, Justin Sun.