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Tron (TRX) Ecosystem Fortified With TronLink

To stand out among equals, Tron continues to add myriads of developments and partnerships. One very noticeable progress that has been added to Tron ecosystem is the TronLink, an extension that gives room for DApps like Ethereum’s Cryptokitties to survive on Tron blockchain. This landmark achievement came in after the Tron complete migration from Ethereum network to its MainNet.

TronLink is a Chrome extension built purposely for developers to have the opportunity to create and interact with DApps using their browsers. According to the Tron community, it is the passport into the land of decentralized applications on Tron blockchain.

In a tweet by Tron Foundation, the extension was seen as a significant step before the Virtual Machine Testnet launch on July 30.

What Is TronLink?

TronLink is designed by TronWatch, the developer of TronWatch Wallet, an open source App for managing Tron finances. The TronWatch Wallet according to the designer would soon be live on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux and the Chrome.

To add to the ecosystem, TronWatch designed TronLink, giving smooth entry into the Tron Blockchain.

Tron (TRX) Ecosystem Fortified With TronLink 10
TronLink Extension

Through it, users can connect the content of a website to a secure platform where they can send, receive, and sign transactions, the designer of the extension said in a medium post, adding that it “provides similar functionality to our desktop wallet while also offering a concise, yet elaborate developer API for Tron applications”.

“The extension runs in a sandboxed environment and uses robust encryption to secure your wallet details. No matter the number of accounts, TronLink will keep your funds safe. Users have the choice of importing existing accounts while still retaining the ability to generate additional accounts.”

For those familiar with DApps like Ethereum’s ‘CryptoKitties’, using this extension makes it possible for Tron developers to design such project on Tron Blockchain.

Made simple, developers willing to design ideas like Cryptokitties would be able to use API provided by TronLink to seek the signing and broadcasting of transactions via TronLink. TronLink is to Tron what MetaMask is to Ethereum Network.

Around a year that Tron launched its ICO, Tron has decided to move out of Ethereum ERC20. At first, Tron launched its Testnet to see if there would be a problem after launching the MainNet. However, after the MainNet was launched, Tron has been doing great without any noticed attack or upheaval.