TRX Network

TRON [TRX] Exceptional Network Performance: 2.53MM Txs/day

Justin Sun – the CEO of the team behind the 10th largest coin by market capitalization TRON [TRX], has highlighted via twitter the latest milestones that the platform has reached.

breaks two records today! 2.53 MM Txs per day and 32,284 daily increase address! More developers from and have migrated to TRON!

Making the internet easier to use with the help of decentralized application seems like just few steps away from Tron as its fast advancements in all its sectors as a virtual currency and network is visible by all in the cryptocurrency industry.

Just a week ago, Mr. Sun made it public that Tron Foundation will be working on building a fund to rescue EOS and ETH developers from their failing networks if they would migrate their Dapps to Tron.

“TRON will build a fund to rescue #ETH and #EOS developers from the collapse of their platform as long as those developers migrate their Dapps to #TRON”

While staying on cheaper standards – Tron is developed in that way to perform faster and on higher volumes comparing to leading platforms.