Tron (TRX) Fostering Decentralization Through 'Super Representatives' 10

Tron (TRX) Fostering Decentralization Through ‘Super Representatives’

In tune with the self evident theme of decentralization in the Crypto-Verse, Tron (TRX) management team has issued guidelines for the TRX users to freely exercise their rights in a convenient and timely manner on the platform and community through elected representation.

In the guidelines, the Tron foundation introduces a concept known as Super Representatives. This position is open to every token holder on the TRON network. But for issues of smooth operations and efficiency, the team has set standards and regulations for eligible Tron community members to recommend Super Representatives on their behalf. The new recommended Super Representatives are updated and posted once a week in anticipation of the elections on June 26th.

The criteria for being a Super delegate is that the delegate should:

  1. Have an official website
  2. Have team information ready: location of the team, arranged location of server and server type
  3. 2018 expenditure budget and technical plan by June 26th

  4. 2018 hardware capacity upgrade plan after June 26th

  5. 2018 community support plan

  6. List of key staff and their photos

  7. Background qualifications of key staff

  8. Testable nodes for community members

  9. A certain amount of social media influence: Twitter or local equivalent of 500+ followers; or Telegram group or local equivalent with 500+ members; or a Reddit page or a local forum homepage with 500+ subscribers; 500+ followers on other social media platforms

All applications for candidates who meet the above criteria shoule be sent to [email protected].

The elections for the Super Representatives will be held on Jun 26th and 27 candidates will be elected. They will lay the foundation for a self governed community with a general election.

This announcement by the Tron Foundation is good news for everyone in the Crypto-verse. This means not one person or organization will have a say in the matters of the project. The representative system allows for even the smallest coin holder on the TRX network, to have a voice in the project.

One hurdle of having such a wide reach in terms of representation and democracy, is with issues pertaining to decision making. This means a lot time might be spent lobbying for certain decisions as well as convincing one another that certain ideas should be implemented. Evidence of such hurdles can be seen whenever there is a software upgrade or fork in the Bitcoin network.

Perhaps we are being to skeptical too early with respect to community representation. We might have to sit back and let the project unfold with time.