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Tron (TRX) Independence Day Was a Success! Eyes On Today’s Super Representative Elections

The Tron (TRX) Foundation, led by Justin Sun, managed to live up to the expectations of a successful Tron Independence Day. The event, that had a 12 hour Livestream, was what all Tron believers and HODLers were anxiously waiting for. Justin Sun would also comment about the successful launch via twitter when he said the following:

The Tron Foundation has since completed its MainNet migration and launched the Genesis block through what Justin Sun referred to as the Tron Independence Group. This is a community consensus-based group that consists of 27 anonymous, volunteer Genesis Representatives (GR). Their key roles included:

  1. Providing Super Representatives with a fast track for TRX migration
  2. Providing exchange services for major exchanges that support TRX token migration
  3. They were entrusted with the 342 million TRX held by TRON foundation and stored them in a distributed manner to reduce risk
  4. Organizing the 12-hour livestream
  5.  Handing out a small number of TRX during the 12-hr livestream so the members of the TRON community could test the different features of TRON mainnet

The GRs (Genesis Representatives) will be replaced by Super Representatives when the elections are finalized.

The Super Representative Election process will be through an enhanced Proof-of-Stake framework with the aforementioned 27 vacant positions. The Tron Foundation will take a ‘hands-off’ approach to the voting as each Token holder has a say in the election process that will decide the first group of elected leaders of the public blockchain’s block production and network maintenance structure.

Super Representatives will also have an impact on the growth of the platform as well as the DApps that will be built on it. The TRON MainNet has been tested and proven to be faster than the Ethereum platform. The fact that it is built using the Java Programming language, makes it more developer friendly moving forward.

TRON aspires to establish a meritocracy framework. This will eliminate the energy and expense of Proof-of-Work concepts that have governed other blockchain protocols. TRON will eventually be able to reach a vast market of new users around the globe.

Justin Sun is quoted as saying that:

TRON is founded on a community of active users who should have their voices heard.The Super Representative Election is the key democratic feature of Independence Day that gives each TRON user a say in the blockchain’s future, and a hands-on role in the way that future will be built.

Also to note, is that Binance will continue to facilitate a permanent Token Migration for any TRX holder who did not manage to transfer their tokens to the numerous exchanges between the 21st and 24th of June.