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Tron (TRX) Mainnet Accounts Surpass those of EOS

In a tweet not more than 24 hours ago, Justin Sun marked a new milestone for the Tron project as he noted that the accounts on its mainnet had surpassed those of EOS – a much older blockchain platform. In the tweet, Justin stated that:

#TRON MainNet accounts have surpassed #EOS. 12:00pm, September 4, 2018, according to and, #TRON MainNet: 301,604 V.S. #EOS: 299,743. The #TRON Network continues to thrive and gains more recognition 71 days post #TRON MainNet launch.

Further investigating the figures, we find that the Tron Mainnet has 303,478 accounts at the moment of writing this and according to On the other hand, the number of accounts on the EOS mainnet according to currently number 300,296. The accounts on the Tron mainnet clearly exceed tho

GoSeedIt on Twitter and Telegram

One possible explanation for the rapid increment of accounts on the Tron mainnet, is the GoSeedIt tipping platform that has enabled users on both Twitter and Telegram to send each other small amounts of TRX. The tipping of TRX on social media has been given the hashtag name of #OperationTronStorm and it has even the Pope being tipped in TRX on twitter.

Increment in Tron Accounts since GoSeedIt Went Live on the 16th of August

The GoSeedIt platform for tipping in TRX was launched around the 16th of August. On this date, the number of Tron addresses stood at 66,206. Comparing with the current number of 303,478 accounts, this is a percentage increase of 360% due to the GoSeedIt platform.

In conclusion, the Tron mainnet continues to be popular amongst the Tron community as the project aims at decentralizing the web. #OperationTronStorm has also aided in the popularity of the project and coin of TRX through the GoSeedIt platform that has allowed for the number of mainnet accounts to grow exponentially in just a few days and surpass those on the EOS network.

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