Tron (TRX) Opening Offices In Taiwan 10

Tron (TRX) Opening Offices In Taiwan

Only yesterday, Justin Sun held a live interview on twitter with Taiwanese legislator and Member of Parliament, Jason Hsu. The topic of discussion was dubbed Tron In Taiwan. The full English translated transcripts of the Tron (TRX) interview are yet to be released but one can only assume that the two gentlemen talked about the potential of Tron doing business in Taiwan.

This live interview was then followed by a Tweet by Justin Sun confirming the above and informing us on the opening of new Tron offices in Taiwan. In the tweet, Justin is quoted as saying:

“TRON will open an office in Taiwan soon, and participate in the Taiwan Blockchain Self-Regulatory Organization”

Moments later, Justin tweeted about the numerous possibilities and opportunities for engineers, marketers, PR firms and other blockchain professionals in Taiwan once the offices open. He said:

“Right now there is a great opportunity for Taiwan engineers, marketers, PR, and others. You can join our TRON lab in TW, and participate in our community. Taiwan will be an important blockchain community!”

Back in October, Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission Chairman, Wellington Koo, told a joint session of Taiwan’s parliament that the country would take a much friendlier approach towards crypto regulation and blockchain adoption. He further explained that Taiwan would not take strict approaches as those taken by China and South Korea.

What has then been born from such a stance by the Taiwanese officials is the Taiwan Self Regulatory Organization that Justin mentioned in his tweet. This puts TRON and Justin at a very good position when it comes to shaping the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Taiwan and eventually the globe.

As an industry expert and a proponent for both crypto and blockchain, Justin and the Tron Foundation have a front row seat in Crypto-verse history as they participate in the first ever self regulating crypto organization that has the full backing of a country’s government. This is revolutionary and welcome news for anyone who has seen blow after blow on crypto by Governments and Central Banks across the globe. Three Cheers for Taiwan!

TRX has been doing pretty well in the markets as the project has been announcing developments on a regular basis. TRX is currently trading at $0.053 and down 1.57% in 24 hours. Monday’s are usually a trying time for cryptocurrencies in the markets as trading tries to recover from sluggish action over the weekends.

With MainNet being released on May 31st, there is a lot to look forward to in the markets for TRX. The current value of TRX is 47% higher than that on 12th of April and before the crypto markets received a boost from a resurgent Bitcoin. BTC did a $1,000 pump in less than an hour on that day and left many traders somewhat speechless and very hopeful about the future.