Tron (TRX) Promises 10,000 Transactions Per Second With MainNet Launch 10

Tron (TRX) Promises 10,000 Transactions Per Second With MainNet Launch

Since the release of Tron’s Testnet on the 31st of March, there seems to be good news from the Tron foundation on a daily basis. This is welcome news for the project and perhaps the main explanation of the recent surge of Tron (TRX) in the markets that left traders celebrating and others wishing they had bought TRX earlier on. The excitement around the token in the markets has since subsided and has been somewhat assisted by a weak Bitcoin (BTC) trading at levels below $9,000.

News reaching Ethereum World News indicate that the Tron Network will be able to support huge  amounts of transactions per second with the release of the project’s MainNet on May 31st this year.

According to a Question and Answer session on the Tron medium page, the number of Transactions Per Second (TPS) on the Tron network is expected to reach 10,000. This will be made possible through further optimization of the network once it is released. The Tron Foundation aims to improve the network per quarter of the year. The MainNet to be released in Q2 will focus on security and performance. The aspect of security is particularly important in the Crypto-verse especially after Ethereum smart contracts have been discovered to be having vulnerabilities that jeopardize the funds of users. The Tron Foundation does not want a similar situation.

By the third quarter, the network is aimed at fully supporting third-party Apps and provide third parties with stable and reliable system level support including high performance pluggable smart contract virtual machines and optimized peer to peer network systems.

In the final quarter of the year, the Tron Network will focus on cross-chain communication and privacy protection.

With the current surge of TRX in the market to levels of $0.08 less than 24 hours ago, it will not be difficult for the token to reach the ten cent level ($0.10) moving forward.

Import dates to note with respect to the Tron project are 31st May for the MainNet launch; 21st June for the migration of platforms; and 26th June for the Super Representatives elections. This means that there is bound to be some exciting times for TRX in the markets.