TRON SUN Network DAppChain

TRON (TRX) Reveals SUN Network Expansion to Launch in May

TRON has announced more details on the highly anticipated SUN Network expansion, which is set to launch next month.

According to the official press release published by the TRON Foundation on April 8, the SUN Network testnet will launch in late May. The release also included information about the forthcoming launch and updated platform, including specifics on SUN.

Specifically the TRON Foundation writes that the SUN Network expansion plan will include decentralized application (DApp) sidechains and allow for cross-chain infrastruction on other expansion projects. In addition, the Foundation reports that SUN will “further expand the overall capacity of TRON network, improve the overall TPS and smart contract execution efficiency of TRON.”

The release provides further information on TRON’s DApp sidechain expansion project, titled DAppChain, which will reportedly increase the current capacity of decentralized applications on the network. Energy efficiency, in particular, is highlighted as an improvement in the forthcoming SUN DAppchain update, with the release stating,

“DAppChain focuses on adopting customizable ways to run DApps with extremely low energy consumption, high security and efficiency.”

DAppChain is going to be launched in three phases over the coming months. Phase 1, titled TestNet, is set to launch on May 30, and will focus on supporting sidechain smart contracts and realize the “unlimited expansion of MainNet under the guarantee of asset security.”

Phase 2, which is scheduled to take place on August 10, will represent the Official Launch of DAppChain. TRON intends to further improve upon the “characteristics of decentralization” in the Phase 2 milestone, while supporting the community to carry out and build the side chain ecosystem.

The final phase of TRON’s DAppChain will occur on September 15, with the emphasis on increasing the speed and ease of deploying and integrating the sidechain tools for users and developers. During all three phases, the press release reports that the Sun Network plans to “closely follow the industry’s cutting-edge development, and help to fully develop TRON’s ecosystem.”

Given the leap in adoption cryptocurrency has made throughout the first three months of 2019, it comes as little surprise that TRON is targeting scalability and improved network features for the SUN update. Improving upon the Transactions Per Second (TPS) will provide investors and users of TRX and the TRON Foundation a more accessible experience.

TRON is also attempting to solidify itself as an industry frontrunner in both DApps and smart contracts, which have historically been under the control of Ethereum. However, with the latter losing market share to both TRON and EOS–with TRON constituting the third largest DApp creation platform in January 2019–the shifting landscape of power is providing an opening for TRX consolidation.

TRON has also targeted crypto and blockchain gaming as a significant market advantage for its network and currency. Given the billions of dollars commanded by e-sports and the gaming industry– a figure that is growing leaps and bounds each year–TRON could be heading in the direction of a massive cryptocurrency breakthrough in terms of adoption, assuming their network can scale to the level that is necessary for widespread use.

The price of TRX responded favorably to the announcement, climbing 7 percent on the day while most other top cryptos experienced price consolidation.