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TRON [TRX] Rewarding Translators: Jobs in Crypto

One of the great aspects that TRON Foundation gives a lot of importance is the crowd approach and community encouragement that it does to get individuals that could be big-time crypto enthusiasts to be involved in various projects. Accordingly, the team behind one of the largest blockchain platform there is, wants to have all their texts and documentation to be translated in many languages.

So, in a few words, TRON is rewarding work of great quality to the contributors by giving TRX tokens to them.

“TRON intends to foster a healthy, prosperous ecology connecting the globe. That’s why a rapidly growing community has been a primary piece of our global strategy. People from Japan, Korea, Spain, Russia, Germany and India, among others, have shown their support and placed their faith in our enterprise. A number of volunteer translators, especially of certain “minor” languages, have lent their hands to spread our messages and updates around the world. Many volunteers have submitted their work, among whom eleven have passed our review and stood out, taking home rewards up to TRX 15,000.”

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Contribution and translations:

The move is very welcomed by the community as the only way for the industry of blockchain to be transparent is to be understood by all who engage.

Moreover, the use of TRX as a reward incentive ensures that the currency continues to move around and continues to flow, within this, TRON are giving new people access to their growing currency and their growing community.