Tron (TRX) To Host Coordinated Hackathons To Guarantee MainNet Network Security 10

Tron (TRX) To Host Coordinated Hackathons To Guarantee MainNet Network Security

The Tron (TRX) foundation and Justin Sun have made cyber security nn the Odyssey v2.0 MainNet platform a critical aspect in the development of the project. This was why the Foundation launched Project Genesis (TronPG) back in mid April. The main goal of the project was to reward the Tron developer community by providing an avenue to participate in the development of the project with financial incentives in the form of the said rewards.

The total funds set aside for TronPG is $2 Billion and includes the currently ongoing Tron Loan program and Bug Bounty program. Also to note is that there will be a scheduled Tron Hackathon in the month of September this year to further the security efforts on the MainNet platform. Developers will test vulnerabilities in the network and the Tron foundation will set aside millions of dollars as rewards for any individual or developer teams that manage to find any.

Also in the month of September, will be a Tron Developer’s Convention that is to be organized by the Tron foundation.

Recapping on the events on the Tron road-map for the month of June, we find that there is the token migration that begins on the 21st of June to the 24th. Users and HODLers are advised to move their tokens to the numerous exchanges that will support the token swap before the 24th of the same month. With the bug bounty program also ongoing, the MainNet is being tested for vulnerabilities with the Genesis Block scheduled for the launch on the 25th of June.

This means that the month of June will be an eventful month for the Tron project and token. Justin Sun had earlier announced his hopes for TRX being a top 6 coin once again.

Current market analysis indicate that the token is currently ranked 10th on TRX is also trading at $0.59 and down 4.18% in 24 hours at the moment of writing this.

In general, the crypto-markets have regained some much needed volume to begin the week with. The total market capitalization currently stands at $343 Billion with the King of Crypto, BTC, trading at $7,600. Speculation is high that Bitcoin (BTC) will be able to lead the charge in a market recovery and possibly get to much needed levels of above $8,000.