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Tron (TRX) Up 13%, Edges out IOTA In the Markets After BITBOX Listing that Includes an Airdrop

Five hours ago, the crypto exchange known as BITBOX announced it had listed Tron (TRX). Due to the listing, TRX managed to surge in the markets by 13.18% and this event was captured by CoinDesk Markets as can be seen via the tweet below:

Justin’s and BITBOX’s Airdrop Offer

Justin Sun would also offer an airdrop on the exchange for one lucky winner who will receive 30,000 TRX. In the tweet, Justin Sun stated the following:

Airdrop happening now on BITBOX! 9,000,000 $TRX available I will randomly pick one winner that will receive 30,000 #TRX

Justin’s airdrop is an addition to an existing one that was launched by BITBOX with the new listing of TRX. The airdrop will began today, the 15th of August at 1am UTC, and will end on the 22nd of August at 00:59:59 UTC. The BITBOX airdrop is divided into 4 categories as follows:

Sign-up Event
First 2,000 new sign ups on BITBOX will receive 2,000 TRON on a first-come-first-served basis.
Deposit Event
– Deposit up to 50,000 TRON and earn 2% daily on your deposits
– Max. daily earnings: 1,000 TRON (assuming max deposit of 50,000 TRON is made)
– Max. total earnings: 7,000 TRON (assuming max deposit of 50,000 TRON is made and held for the whole event of 7 days)
– Max. total earnings (%): 14%
Trading Event
– Earn 2% on all your TRON trades, up to 600,000 TRON worth of trade volume.
– Max total earnings: 12,000 TRON (Assuming trades of 600,000 TRON or more made during event period)
BITBOX Twitter Retweet Event
Follow BITBOX’s official Twitter account and retweet selected BITBOX tweet to stand a chance to win TRX airdrop. The more retweets, the higher the prize.

TRX edges out IOTA in the Crypto Markets

Tron (TRX) Up 13%, Edges out IOTA In the Markets After BITBOX Listing that Includes an Airdrop 10
TRX edges out IOTA on

With the new listing on BITBOX, Tron (TRX) has managed to edge out IOTA in the crypto markets and according to market capitalization. The difference in market cap between the two coins stands at $12 Million but this is much needed news for the Tron community.