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TRON Website’s ERC20 Wallet No Longer Supports TRX Token Migration

Holders of the initial ERC20 TRX tokens that were distributed after the end of the Tron ICO back in September 2017, will have to go to exchanges that offer permanent token migration to the Tron Mainnet for the converstion of the tokens to the TRX coins on the Mainnet. This is after the Tron Foundation shut down its website’s ERC20 wallet withdrawal and consultation service.

Closure Had Been Postponed Twice Due to Demand

Initially, the withdrawal service was closed on the 22nd of June 2018. This was after the successful launch of the Tron Mainnet on the 25th of June. However, due to users still having doubts about ERC20 tokens and those on the mainnet, the consultation service was extended twice. The first deadline had been set for the 1st of January. This was then changed to the 31st the same month. It is on the latter date that the service was officially closed.

The team at Tron further instructs any holder of the ERC20 tokens who wishes to convert them to the Mainnet coins, to deposit them on any exchange that permanently supports token migration.

[If] you need to change ERC20 TRX tokens (which are not in the TRON Official Website’s wallet) to the Mainnet TRX, you can go to the exchange that permanently supports TRX migration (Binance, Kucoin, to continue TRX migration. The exchange will automatically convert ERC20 TRX to the TRX Mainnet coins.

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TRX, BNB and BTT’s Dominance in the Crypto Markets

The last few months have been good for the team at Tron, BitTorrent and Binance. Several events and developments have helped propel the value of TRX, BNB and BTT in the crypto markets for the past few months and days (in the case of BTT). Some noteworthy catalysts responsible for the rise of these three digital assets in the crypto markets can be found below.

  • The recently concluded NiTRON event in San Francisco
  • Popularity of Tron
  • Monthly BTT airdrops that begin this February on the 11th
  • Successful BitTorrent (BTT) token sale that lasted 18 minutes on Binance Launchpad rather than one week
  • Binance Launchpad having a bright future after proving that it can handle a high volume token sale
  • Possibility of Binance-Chain being launched this year
  • The Binance Decentralized Exchange will also be launched this year
  • Expansion of Binance to several global jurisdictions such as Uganda, Malta and Jersey Island

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