Two Test Nets Fashioned To Enhance Cardano (ADA) 10

Two Test Nets Fashioned To Enhance Cardano (ADA)

The bullishness of the crypto market still has not blindfolded Cardano into thinking the peak has been reached. The cryptocoin is cooking many functions that are not in the public glare. Unlike other coin, Cardano is preparing to unveil two test networks to better add value to the cryptocoin. These developments will make it grow at a fast pace as the project moves from one stage to another.

Over the months, IOHK has been on with series of projects spearheaded by the management capacity, which is led by Elieen Fitzgerald.

“Under her department, Eileen has managed to capture business requirements, draft project charters, improve our resource allocation and budgeting processes, improve development estimates, get better weekly reporting and manage the inter-dependencies between projects,” Charles Hoskinson, CEO at Cardano revealed.

“We have also had an increasingly easier time managing third-party relationships, like our partnership with Runtime Verification for the K framework, IELE, and smart contract research.”

Development Updates.

Cardano 1.2.0 and 0.10.0 Daedalus branch are about to be unveiled. Thanks to Cardano team who makes sure it goes through updates and debugging at necessary intervals before they are presented to the community. To better make the two worthwhile, the development team move the branches of Daedalus and Cardano-SL to develop for necessary debugging. The idea is to bring about improvement to the two branches in a giffy.

Cardano Scientists

The Cardano scientists are a set of individuals who make sure Cardano scientific research is moving from the lab to code, making it easy for Ouroboros to be checked and updated. The foundation has gathered game theorists and programming language theory experts together to gain more insights and use cases for the project.

Wallet Updates

Aside the fact that Cardano team are working with exchanges, the team is changing Cardano’s architecture, APIs and other necessary tools to make the environment user friendly. At the same time, Cardano wallet is being redesigned to have a unified backend architecture. This will make the wallet user friendly, useful, secure and easy to deploy.

Conclusion: Cardano is getting closer to the required design needed by enthusiasts. Through Cardano, the future of cryptocurrency is bright.