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Verge (XVG) Team Sees Hack as Opportunity to Grow, Asks For Unity Across The Crypto-Verse

In a move that shows just how connected we all are in the Crypto-verse, the Verge (XVG) Team is seeing the positive side to the recent hack as highlighted by Ethereum World News just yesterday. The XVG Team and community (also known as Verge Fam or Verge Army) is sticking together at this time of turmoil, as they solve the underlying issues responsible for the hack. The team at XVG is quick to point out that growth only comes when we are faced with challenges, and not when things are going smoothly.

Twitter user @CryptoRekt, who is the Author of the XVG Black paper, had this to say via twitter:

Just remember guys ~ Every challenge or problem that is thrown our direction is an opportunity for us to grow. These ‘issues’, While a hindrance, help us to learn and build bigger and better product.

#Verge is here to stay – regardless of what happens. $XVG @vergecurrency

Similar sentiments were echoed by Cees van Dam, who is a core member of the XVG Team and in charge of marketing in Europe. He had this to say via twitter:

We are working hard behind the scenes to resolve the issues, when resolved we will announce it Just this, an attack on any coin is an attack on the entire cryptoworld. Its time to come together and unite

Are you with us @Ripple @SatoshiLite @justinsuntron @VitalikButerin etc.

The two tweets above have generated a lot of positive responses from the crypto community with many willing to help by pitching ideas accompanied by words of encouragement. This response embodies the community feel that was the vision of the Bitcoin founder, Satoshi Nakamoto. His idea of the future was where communities dictated their financial fate and banded together to help solve real life problems.

The call to unite by the Verge Team is self evident and we have a duty to respond to this as a crypto community. Cees has asked the Ripple team, Charlie Lee, Justin Sun and Vitalik Buterin to support the Verge team and community in this challenging time.

The markets have not been kind to XVG since the announcement of the hack yesterday. The coin is down 17% in 24 hours and trading at $0.043 at the moment of writing this. Also to note is that there is a general market decline at the moment. All our favorite coins are in the red with some also dipping by the double digits.