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Verge (XVG) Team Working On Software Patch and New Wallet

No software program or project is ever 100% secure. Even the best of the best cryptocurrency projects have bug bounty programs where they encourage the software community to attempt to find security vulnerabilities in their code in a bid to make them more secure. And when one such vulnerability is found, the creators usually offer a patch to the software as the Verge (XVG) team is doing, and also give a reward to whomever found the vulnerability in the code.

In a tweet yesterday, Kris Chase, a member of the Marketing and Operations at XVG was keen to communicate that their key developer, and sometimes the face of the project, Justin Vendetta, was currently working on a software patch for the current issue with timestamps on blocks that allows hackers to print XVG coins from thin air. Kris Chase had this to say:

#VergeFam – We’ve heard your voice. @justinvendetta is currently in #beastmode & working on the patch. Thank you for your patience. We will update accordingly as we know more.

Also to note and with respect to the XVG project, is that the team is also working on a new wallet design as noted by Kris once again via twitter:

#VergeFam Seeing the wallet come together gets me pretty excited. I’ve personally been looking forward to the Wallet revamp for quite some time. I think you guys are going to love the final result! — Great work gentlemen!

With respect to the new wallet, the team is keen to note that the User interface has been improved with animations as well as a modified transaction list.

Backpedaling a bit on the hack and projects that have bug bounty programs, we find that both Ripple (XRP) and Dash (DASH) have bug bounty programs. Both projects appreciate the finding of bugs that include exploits, vulnerabilities and information about ongoing attacks against each of their software.

The Ripple bug bounty program has a lot of information on their website on how to go about this. Anyone who is willing to assist their project, can go ahead and have a crack at their software.

The same applies to Dash who have Jim Bursh spearheading the bug bounty project.

Perhaps it is time the XVG team came up with one of their own bug bounty programs to offset any other malicious attacks in the future.