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Vertcoin +380% in 2 Weeks, Will It Stop?

Vertcoin has been one of the top performers in the past 2 weeks, that has produced 380% gain in the past two weeks alone, moving from the $1.1 to the current price being $5.45.

This is definitely a huge growth and a superb performance by Vertcoin. But where it will stop? Will it stop? It is a known fact that market moves in waves and obviously once Vertcoin investors will start taking profits a strong correction down will take place.

Currently, VTC/USD is still looking strong but might not be for too long. There are several upside targets that are expected to be reached based on Fibonacci retracement levels applied to the last corrective wave after downtrend trendline breakout.

Target 1: $6.3

Target 2: $6.9

Target 3: $7.5

Target 4: $8.1

$7.5 and $8.1 seem to be the most important as they correspond well with the upper trendlines of the ascending channels.

On a downside note, a break below $4 could trigger profit taking and a strong correction down.


Adrian Mathieu
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