Volkswagen Group Member Of Staff Joins IOTA (MIOTA) As Project Manager

IOTA (MIOTA) has successful signed a Volkswagen Group worker Janine Härtel who from now on, will be working with IOTA’s Mobility & Automotive adoption team as a senior project manager.

Janine felt in love with IOTA Tangle sometimes back. With her colleagues at Volkswagen, she developed the idea of the “software over the air“ PoC using the IOTA Tangle, a statement by IOTA foundation stated.

Volkswagen Group Member Of Staff Joins IOTA (MIOTA) As Project Manager 10

“During this time she also learned about many other opportunities to adopt DLT to the automotive world, especially for autonomous vehicles and their business models in MaaS applications. Janine has also consulted on several strategic projects in the aerospace and transportation industry, with a strong focus on IT and Engineering.”

“Since her tender age, Janine has driven every car she could get her hands on, old or new, no matter which brand or model,” the statement indicated adding that “she also loves to watch Formula 1 and DTM”.

Janine applied her passion for automobile industry while working for MHP, a Porsche company and a subset of the Volkswagen group, especially on connected car mobility services and Over-the-Air (OTA) connectivity solutions.

She studied communication engineering with a major in mechanical engineering at the Research University RWTH located in Aachen.

According to the statement, “Janine started her career in a spin off company from The Institute for Industrial Management (FIR) at RWTH Aachen, in the field of production engineering.”

“The main focus was on developing an integration platform (myopenfactory) with a consortium of ERP providers, together with small and medium-sized and mechanical engineering companies, to reduce the complexity of intercorporate interoperability between ERP systems.”

Janine while showing enthusiasm towards her new appointment at IOTA said:

“I strongly believe in IOTA’s technology and the vision of a machine-to-machine ecosystem. Examples include vehicles paying for services on demand, such as in-car infotainment, delivery, parking onsite and offsite, driving though countries with toll roads, sharing electric power, and software updates. Most of these ideas are still at an early prototype stage, but I am proud to be part of this change.”

It is believed that her new appointment will help smoothen relationship between IOTA and Volkswagen, a company that is looking forward to applying some use cases presented by IOTA.