What to Expect from 'The 12 Days of Coinbase' Event 10

What to Expect from ‘The 12 Days of Coinbase’ Event

The popular cryptocurrency exchange of Coinbase launched a new 12 day event similar to the popular Christmas carol of  ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’. The Christmas carol has been long known to be a song that talks about giving gifts to loved ones in a 12 day period. In the classic song, the value and importance of each gift increases as the days go by with the first day being Christmas day.

Unlike the popular song, the team at Coinbase chose to start their 12 days of giving on the 10th of December. The 12 day event ends on the 21st of December which is four days before Christmas.

The team at Coinbase also describes how they will announce their ‘gifts’ every day.

Each day at noon PST we’ll announce new features, support for new cryptocurrencies, and more. Check back daily!

First and Second Days of Giving by Coinbase

On the first day of the 12 day event, the team at Coinbase announced that customers in the United States, could now spend their crypto balances on WeGift e-gift cards. The gift cards can now be purchased at dozens of vendors. Customers will enjoy no withdrawal fees and bonuses of up to 10% on select vendors thus making it easier to use crypto for day to day purchases of goods and services.

On the second day of the 12 Days of Coinbase, the exchange donated $10,000 in ZCash (ZEC) to support GiveCrypto.org‘s project in the Venezuelan border town of Santa Elena de Uairen. The exchange went on to explain how the donation will be put to use:

With our gift, the organization will put $1 USD worth of crypto directly into the crypto wallets of more than 100 families in Santa Elena every day for 3 months.

Recipients can purchase food and basic supplies at a local store that accepts payments in crypto, subsidizing everyday expenses — this $1 USD equivalent per day can buy 1–2 kilos of protein or 2-kilos of starches and vegetables.

Recipients will come from the networks of Venezuelan families already in GiveCrypto.org’s program with Bonnum.

10 Days to Go

Coinbase has already revealed the first two gifts. We now have 10 more days and 10 more gifts to receive from Coinbase. The exchange is surely to increase the value of their gifts to worthy causes and to their customers as time goes by.

Coinbase To List More Digital Assets in the Next 10 Days

The exchange has recently announced that its new strategy is driven by customers. They have noted that the one thing their customers want is new cryptocurrencies on the platform. This in turn leaves the door wide open for the exchange to list popular cryptocurrencies such as XRP, Stellar (XLM) and Cardano (ADA) as part of their 12 day event.

The exchange’s commitment to its customers can be found in the following tweet a few hours ago.

What are your thoughts on the 12 Days of Coinbase event? Do you think they will list XRP, XLM or ADA? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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