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What’s new at NEO? The cryptocurrency is currently at its record high

NEO reaches new records as all cryptocurrencies see a very positive month. The currency’s price reached the $80 dollars mark-putting NEO as the 12th in the cryptocurrency market capitalization. NEO’s market value is at $5 billion dollars and its price currently sits at around $75.

City of Zion, home of the open-source Global Neo Developer community recently announced their project and their second dApp competition. Their intention is to help build the NEO ecosystem and encourage new developers to join the community. The winners will be receiving 1350 GAS cash, along with other prices.

Along with that project, City of Zion founded the Moonlight project that was unveiled at the NEO Cambridge event on December the 13th. Moonlight is a decentralised workforce platform that aims to make employment more appealing to both contributors and project owners in the blockchain ecosystem. Moonlight’s current focus is in three issues: critical resources, effective staffing and establishing confidence In project teams.

Through Moonlight, investors will be able to assess projects, teams and their profitability without worrying on the reliability of the information given. All the skills will be available and shared publicly.