Which are the Best Cryptocurrency News-Aggregators in the Market? 10
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Which are the Best Cryptocurrency News-Aggregators in the Market?

There are an important number of cryptocurrency news aggregators in the market. All of them have different features and interfaces. In this article we will be making small summaries of the most important ones.


CryptoPanic is one of the most important cryptocurrency news aggregators in the market right now. It has several functionalities, but the most important is the fact that it provides the latest news from many different sources. With its easy-to-understand interface, CryptoPanic has been attracting several individuals, investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Users are able to give their sentiment on whether an article is bearish, bullish or neutral for the market. Premium users have other exclusive features. Users can also receive notifications on their messaging applications.


Another important cryptocurrency news aggregator is Ccowl. It has a very nice interface that features the price of the cryptocurrencies in the market. At the same time, it offers the latest news from different cryptocurrency sites.

The main intention of this site is to help enthusiasts and traders have the latest news, price trends and information in just one place. The interface is very clean and easy to understand. Ccowl has its own index known as OWL50 that measures the combined market cap of the top 50 cryptos excluding Bitcoin. It could be an interesting way to follow the general feeling of the market.


This is another cryptocurrency news aggregator that provides information about the most important cryptocurrencies in the market. The main page features a graphic with the price of Bitcoin in the last 24 hours. Of course, it can also be changed to other virtual currencies and different time range.

CoinLoop also offers sell and buying signals on its website. But some of the signals are only available to premium users. Moreover, it has a news section that features the latest news from the most important sites in internet, and can also be changed to information from Reddit or Twitter.


This is another important cryptocurrency news aggregator in the market. It provides very valuable information about cryptocurrencies because it has a wide variety of news sources. The interface is similar to CryptoPanic. In the middle of the website there is a news feed, and on the sites there are different options and features.

It is also important to mark that the site shows the latest cryptocurrency prices in the market of the top 10 most important virtual currencies. At the same time, there is an option that allows individuals to receive alerts about the latest news.


This cryptocurrency news aggregator known as Faws, is a very useful tool for enthusiasts and investors. The main thing it offers is the possibility to be informed about the market and the latest news, as most of the other news sites.

But it also has other features that make of it very special. It has a table with the price of cryptocurrencies that shows the price, the % change in the last hours, the market capitalization and the volume. And if this was not enough, users can build up their own portfolios with their favourite virtual currencies.