Why should every investor be using the Vertex marketplace?

Why should every investor be using the Vertex marketplace?

With billions of dollars to be made and thousands of Initial Coin Offerings to invest in, it may be difficult to identify good investment opportunities. Numerous amateur investors are continually bombarded by information on why an ICO would yield returns, while recent institutional investors are confronted with a space that may have some of the traditional characteristics of venture capital, but is based on disruptive technologies and models which may take time and effort to make sense of. The Vertex token market, brainchild of a team of private equity and venture capital investors, is looking to make investment in successful ICOs simple and accessible to all kinds of people. For investors big and small, old and new, here are the reasons to use the Vertex marketplace:

Disciplined investment

The cornerstone of successful investing is discipline. Vertex will offer select ICO tokens on its market place that have been reviewed by its investors and international experts. The Vertex team has deep knowledge about private equity and angel investing, and will thoroughly evaluate ICOs before participating in them using principles borrowed from traditional investing and those that have been developed in crypto-trading. These ICO tokens will then be made available to everyone through the Vertex token marketplace.

Preferential access

Users of the Vertex marketplace will not only be able to buy into ICOs that have been reviewed by disciplined investors, but they will also be able to purchase them at preferential prices. Through its asset management arm, Vertex will get early access and preferential prices in ICOs. It will then be able to roll those preferential terms over to the users of the Vertex Market.

Exclusive access

Many ICOs are now being sold out at presale or private sale. This is in turn making ICOs inaccessible to the average trader. Again, Vertex will leverage its capital to participate early in these ICOs, but rather than hold the tokens it will offer them in its market place. Through the creation of the first token aftermarket, Vertex is making ICOs available to investors that may otherwise not have been able to participate in them.

Information, information, information!

One of the biggest challenges for amateur and seasoned investors alike is to be able to cut through the fray of information that is out there on ICOs. The Vertex marketplace will feature analysis and information on the tokens and ICOs featured in it.  Amateur investors will get digested information from experts, while seasoned investors will be able to participate in the world of crypto through a platform that speaks to them in a language which they are used to.

HODLing & Using a true utility token

To participate in the Vertex market, investors will use the Vertex VTEX token. This utility token was designed as a vehicle to participate in the aftermarket, and will be available in limited supply. As investors seek to grow their ICO portfolio, demand for the VTEX token will increase and so will its utility. More vetted ICOs on the platform will attract more users which in turn will allow for the development of an ecosystem underpinned by the VTEX token. As such, investors using the Vertex marketplace will experience this benefit as either a discount in the tokens they invest in, as a return on their initial purchase of VTEX tokens and as the usefulness of the token increases with usage.

The Vertex team has covered all the bases for investors seeking to participate in ICOs. Through the use of traditional investment practices combined with crypto knowledge it is ensuring disciplined investment, and through the creation of its aftermarket it is making it available to all investors. By creating the VTEX token to underpin the whole process, Vertex is opening the ICO market to development it has never seen before.