With Over 100 bug fixes, Tron (TRX) Unveils Multiple Accounts TronWallet 10

With Over 100 bug fixes, Tron (TRX) Unveils Multiple Accounts TronWallet

Tron (TRX) has added “two most in-demand” innovations to its newly unveiled TronWallet: multiple accounts and an address book to store contacts.

As well, the new wallet comes with over 100 bug fixes, and now translated into five languages: Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Dutch.

On the wallet, users can now split their operations into multiple accounts. For those who are conversant with the app, the look has completely changed. While necessary information are still intact on the platform, the screen is now regarded as account. There, the controls for Multiple Accounts are possible.

However, note that the card presented on the screen indicates which account is being selected when you first have only a single account.

Once you create more accounts, they show up to the right and left where you will be able to select which will be active by swiping to that account.

On this wallet, newly created account is automatically given a name, as well, you can edit your new accounts and your favorite addresses as contacts in a new tab called Address Book, a blog post explaining the new features has indicated.

There are another sections, the contact and account. The two operate in a similar way by listing your contacts or accounts. While account and contact are similar, the major difference is that an account can’t be deleted.

More Ideas coming In!

At the moment, the team behind the TronWallet are still doing some evaluations. They are planning to add premium features, a liquidity network with smart contracts, p2p exchange, cashback and rewards programs using a utility token.

Meanwhile, more ideas are welcome in case there is any worthwhile addition, the post indicated.

Tron in the crypto Space

Tron is among the major coins that cannot be rubbished. The cryptocurrency has been wining countless number of glories to its side. Recently, Tron acquired BitTorrent, and doubled the acquisition with Blockchain.Org.