Women Invest in Crypto Twice as Much as Men in India, BuyUcoin Reveals 10
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Women Invest in Crypto Twice as Much as Men in India, BuyUcoin Reveals

In the world of cryptocurrencies, it seems that women are more daring than men. A survey conducted by BuyUcoin revealed that in India, women tend to invest more money in cryptocurrencies.

The famous Indian exchange revealed the information in a tweet published on June 28th.

Women Go for Quality, Men Go for Quantity

According to the study, women invest approximately twice as much in their crypto portfolio as men

“The survey conducted by cryptocurrency exchange, BuyUCoin, said that Indian women spend close to more than Rs.1,40,000, (sic) whereas men spend Rs.70,000. The figures were arrived to, after a study was conducted in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, across India. The survey examined around 60,000 cryptocurrency investors from across the country.”

Another important fact is that the number of male investors is higher than the number of female investors. According to the survey, less than 10% of all traders are women while a number of nearly 90% are men:

Women Invest in Crypto Twice as Much as Men in India, BuyUcoin Reveals 11
Data Provided by The Atlas

Crypto Market: Essentially an Urban Game

As expected, urban centers concentrate the largest ammount of traders. Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru are the 3 most important markets, however, the cnumber of crypto investors is extremely low compared to those who do not manage cryptocurrencies on their portfolios:

Women Invest in Crypto Twice as Much as Men in India, BuyUcoin Reveals 12
Data Provided by The Atlas

The crypto market in India has been growing steadily despite the country’s efforts to hinder its use. Such has been its significance that at present, India is one of the continent’s main cryptomarkets.

Female Traders Are Also More Mature

Also, the study noted that women who invest in crypto are on average ten years older than men.

This result, the researchers confess, turned out to be a surprise.

“The surprising aspect of this survey is the age at which people begin venturing into this space. For males, the age is 30, and for women, it is 40. Bengaluru females recorded an average investment of more than Rs. 2,00,000.”

This type of study is of particular interest, especially to understand the evolution of the markets. Comparison with previous data allows for trend-based predictions, which is very important for investors beyond mere curiosity.

Shivam Thakral, CEO, and co-Founder, BuyUcoin told Crypto News:

“We wanted to conduct a detailed study to ascertain new policies and strategies that will drive this industry ahead. While conducting this study we acquired some interesting facts such as the service sector is taking exceptional interest in trading of cryptocurrency and females, in particular, showed great potential in leading this industry forward, although these are just primarily results of this study.