XRP Voted as The Best Christmas "Crypto Gift" on Twitter 12

XRP Voted as The Best Christmas “Crypto Gift” on Twitter

Ripple has enjoyed a very successful year, especially regarding community acceptance. Besides consolidating XRP as the most important altcoin of the ecosystem, dethroning Ethereum, the image of its token has improved a lot during the last months, to the point that it has already had a quite active and enthusiastic community, a phenomenon similar to that observed in other cryptos such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) or Tron (TRX).

XRP has not only “improved” its image, but apparently, now it already surpasses with great advantage the acceptation level that other cryptos have. After surveying 14618 Twitter users, 50% of them said that if they had to receive crypto as a Christmas gift, they would prefer XRP over other options.

Bitcoin (BTC) came in second with 37% while Monero (XMR) came in third with just 9%. A fourth option where the participants could comment some other alternative outside of these 3, hardly obtained 4% of acceptance.

XRP is Becoming More Popular Among Traders and Institutions

Users reacted positively to this study, especially because of the high participation generated by the survey. Among the most accepted cryptocurrencies in the last option are Dash, Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX).

The survey was quite exciting to follow. For much of it, Bitcoin (BTC) had remained in first place with a 51%+ preference; however, it seems that during the last few hours the last 6 to 7 thousand votes were decisive in giving XRP a clear lead and a surprise victory.

Ripple’s success and popularity have not gone unnoticed by powerful institutions and startups in the ecosystem. While there has been intense debate over the possibility that the SEC will determine that XRP is a security and not an asset because of its characteristics, so far this is a pure rumor and debating material.

On the startup side, an increasing number of exchanges and payment services are accepting XRP on their platforms. Ripple is no longer associated exclusively with traditional banking services, in fact, Coinbase, a startup that had never expressed interest in Ripple before, recently commented that it was evaluating the possibility of supporting XRP.

Nevertheless, XRP still has a long road ahead if it wants to overtake Bitcoin (BTC). Just a peak at the graphs comparing both assets in dominance and market cap is enough to talk about BTC as the undisputed King of Cryptocurrencies

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