You Can Win A D'CENT (x5) Crypto Hardware Wallet 12

You Can Win A D’CENT (x5) Crypto Hardware Wallet

After the resounding success of the Trezor giveaway, Ethereum World News has decided to team up with D’CENT, an up-and-coming crypto startup based in South Korea, to provide you, our lovely community, with the next giveaway of crypto swag.

And no, we aren’t giving away mundane gear, like hats, t-shirts, water bottles, or keychains (yuck!), but five sleek, matte black, and most importantly, useful hardware wallets  (cold wallets) courtesy of the D’CENT team. We’re sure that you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

What’s D’CENT?

For those not embroiled in the chambers the crypto startup realm, D’CENT is a hardware wallet provider that is aiming to top what its competitors can provide. Their flagship product, fittingly named the D’CENT Hardware Wallet, is only an extension of the firm’s raison d’etre.

So what sets the product apart from something like a Trezor One or Ledger Nano X?

Well, that’d have to be the arguably most appealing part of the device — its fingerprint sensor. That’s right, instead of having to fumble with the two little buttons on Ledger’s devices, all you need is your finger. Let’s hope that you haven’t had any of those amputated.

Better yet, D’CENT accomplishes the integration of biometric technology, the likely future of cybersecurity, while staying fully secure, making the user experience not only easy but safe too.

And for those versed in tech-speak, D’CENT uses a multi-IC architecture with EAL5+ certified secure element.

So other than its software architecture and biometrics, what else does D’CENT have to offer? The following segment of the upstart’s website, puts it best.

You Can Win A D'CENT (x5) Crypto Hardware Wallet 13

D’CENT’s flagship product supports an array of the most popular digital assets, namely Bitcoin, Rootstock (RSK), Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, XRP,  EOS and RRC-20 tokens. But the company is hard at work developing storage solutions for other cryptocurrencies. Don’t worry.

D’CENT is quickly proving itself in the space of hardware wallets, so why don’t you get an in on their journey to the ‘moon’?

From the team at Ethereum World News’ point of view, a hardware wallet (cold wallet) is essential to have, no matter what the market conditions are like. You don’t want to be like those guys and gals that lost their cryptocurrencies on questionable exchanges and/or equally as sketchy wallet services, Just look at the QuadrigaCX debacle. (*mic drop*).

You might be thinking — well what are the deets of this giveaway?

Don’t worry, here they are. The giveaway will be running for 2 weeks. More specifically, it will be held on 2019-02-21 2:00:00 AM to 2019-03-07  2:00:00 AM. When the contest ends, keep your eye on your emails, as we will contact you after we randomly select a winner.

And of course, here’s the all important link. Check it down below ⬇️:

Win A D’CENT (x5) Crypto Hardware Wallet



Good luck!