YouHodler Becomes First “Full Cycle” Loan Platform With Credit Card Payout Feature

YouHodler Becomes First “Full Cycle” Loan Platform With Credit Card Payout Feature

FinTech platform YouHodler just announced via their blog a new feature allowing users to receive a loan (in USD or EUR) instantly to their credit card. With the release of this function, YouHodler claims they are the first “full-cycle” loan platform including integrated crypto, fiat, and USDT wallets along with crypto-to-crypto conversion.


With credit card payouts, users on the YouHodler platform can now receive their fiat loan directly to their credit card of choice(in USD or EUR). Previously, the platform allowed users to pay back their loans with approved credit/debit cards and now, they are adding instant payouts, making them a “full-cycle” loan platform.

In this rapidly changing crypto market, instant payouts with credit card integration allow crypto enthusiasts to act immediately on market movements instead of waiting 3-5 days for bank processing. Hence, it puts the power back in the user’s hands to get their money when they need it most.

Currently, YouHodler states that they will only accept Visa and Mastercard credit/debit. Prepaid cards are not yet supported but may be an addition in the future.


With the inclusion of credit/debit card payouts, users have yet another method to receive and pay back their loan. For the crypto purists out there who want to avoid banks altogether, they can do that too on YouHodler. The platform includes an integrated USDT wallet that lets users withdraw their loan in USDT or leave it in the wallet as a way to hedge their assets using stablecoins. Furthermore, USD and EUR bank wires are still available to users.

On the subject, YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov states that “with the announcement of our new credit card payout feature, YouHodler becomes the first “full cycle” loan platform that includes full integration with various cryptocurrency, fiat, and USDT wallets along with crypto-to-crypto conversion. We are happy to release this information to our supportive community as we start our transition from a crypto lending platform to globally diverse FinTech platform.”


Immediately after taking out a loan, users will see their borrowed finds appear in the “Wallets” table found in the “Borrowed Funds” sections of their personal profile. Once there, users can click the “Withdrawal” button to unveil several features. Clicking the “Credit Card” button will direct the user to a withdrawal from where they can enter a specific amount of their balance they would like to withdraw. From there, the user simply inputs their credit card number and expiration date before clicking the “withdraw” button.

Notes: All users must pass know-your-customer (KYC) verification before taking out a loan or interacting with the platform in any way.

To see a full description of how to add your credit/debit card, along with other informative articles regarding commission and list of approved countries, visit their Help Center.


About YouHodler:

YouHodler is a Blockchain-based FinTech platform focused on cryptocurrency-backed lending with fiat loans. YouHodler provides USD and/or EUR loans, secured by collateral in BTC, BSV, BCH, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP, and other popular cryptocurrencies.

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