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Amazon & Ripple [XRP] Partnership Could Be Monumental For Cryptocurrencies

The rumors that have started to spread around about the collaboration of Amazon and one of the most recognizable coins, Ripple (XRP) are expected to have a huge impact on crypto sphere. Latest news claims that there are speculations that came down suggesting that Amazon – the famous online retail giant, is coming along with the idea of a partnership with Ripple. Being preferred by banks and other financial institutions Ripple is somewhat considered as contentious cryptocurrency. Due to this fact, the collaboration with Amazon would increase the demand for the coin as well as would benefit it by revealing the currency to millions of new web users.

What do the latest speculations say?

As reports had suggested, Ripple might be chosen by Amazon only because of the high inventory of coins and its low transaction fees. Being charged with a fixed rate, Ripple transaction fees may be a cause for the dollar cost to drop as the value of Ripple grows. If the partnership between the two famous companies works, not only would Ripple’s value increase, but along with it the transaction fees will become minuscule. It’s not hard to notice why such a move would be a profitable chance for a great company like Amazon.

Is the news trustworthy enough?

However, the news doesn’t seem to be much reliable, thus, there’s not such data to strengthen claims for these reports. Amazon itself hasn’t given a definite statement, and also there are no sources within the company to approve such news. Nonetheless, a huge number of critics have concluded that news like this would meet approval with Amazon. Being aware that Amazon had also registered some cryptocurrency related domain names, consequently, the partnership might be considered as a requirement for the company development. Lastly, Amazon and cryptocurrency are still an ongoing situation and should be watched closely, but it shouldn’t be expected that there will be huge changes in the near future.