Bitcoin, Litecoin Transactions Now Available on WhatsApp 10

Bitcoin, Litecoin Transactions Now Available on WhatsApp

The popular instant messaging platform now allows its users to transfer Bitcoin and Litecoin via a new bot, ahead of Facebook that also eyes WhatsApp audience for the use of its stablecoin

The area of crypto transactions is getting wider as the ‘crypto winter’ remains in the past. Now, more platforms offer to conduct crypto transactions for you – and they are not only exchanges or crypto wallets. Even though, some market players started targeting popular messaging platforms for introducing crypto payments, now another company is joining this club.

On Sunday, Zulu Republic tweeted that they had launched a special bot for WhatsApp users to send and receive such currencies as Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) using a new Lite.Im bot.

Bitcoin, Litecoin Transactions Now Available on WhatsApp 11

Earning crypto on WhatsApp

To send or receive crypto through the new WhatsApp bot, you just need to install it and check on-screen prompts. The bot also enables users to earn some crypto by referring friends and ensuring they install it as well.

At the moment the bot has two language options – Spanish and English. Apart from BTC and ETH, it allows sending and receiving the native token of Zulu Republic – ZTX.

Crypto payments in other messaging apps

Crypto startups are doing their best to make crypto adoption deeper and with a wider coverage. Some companies are going even further and are introducing crypto transactions via regular SMS. This option is much easier to use for those who are not good with gadgets.

In February, it was reported that a crypto wallet Wuabit was also planning to start performing operations with crypto on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and SMS too.

Earlier this year, the Lite.Im bot was also launched for Facebook Messenger, Telegram and again – SMS.

Zulu Republic believes that messaging platforms are crucial for spreading crypto adoption as wide as possible.

Mobile crypto transactions in such third-world regions as Africa and Asia are letting numerous unbanked people have access to the global financial system, online payments and providing them with bigger opportunities.

Competing with future Facebook’s crypto

It is now common knowledge that the social media heavyweight Facebook is busy developing its own stablecoin. A special blockchain division and a recently founded startup in Switzerland are doing the job.

In the light of this, all bots and wallets that offer crypto transactions on platforms that belong to Facebook (Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram) may be viewed as rivals to Mark Zuckerberg’s company and get relevant measures applied against them.