Bitcoin’s richest REVEALED!

Bitcoin’s richest REVEALED!

As much as Bitcoin is very transparent in the way that market movement can be put down to where the money is moving, it is harder to figure out who this money is moving from.

Bitcoin’s difference to other investments is that the digital currency is transparent in a way but very anonymous in the other. Supply and demand, as well as WHO owns an asset and WHO wants to buy an asset, are factors that determine financial markets. However, the WHO in Bitcoin ,is anonymous in most cases.

Transactions and movements in Bitcoin are open and available to anyone, but the person behind the transactions is just a string of untraceable letters and numbers. This anonymity is seen as a good thing in the digital currency world, due to cybercrime and hacking always being around the corner especially for large investors. To prevent thefts from happening the Bitcoin’s wealthiest investors spread their money across different wallets.

The website, BitcoinRichList, is the closest thing to finding out who Bitcoin’s Richest are. The top 100 Bitcoin addresses shown in the website own 17% of all Bitcoins.

While there are many that prefer to keep their Cryptocurrency wealth anonymous, there are still some that do not hesitate to show off their investments in digital currency.

The biggest and loudest names in the cryptocurrency world are Cameron Tyler and Winklevoss, who have claimed to own 1% of Bitcoin. At the current level, that amounts to around 1.65 mln.

Rumors, also suggest that the mysterious Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, has over one million coins. This wealth is spread across many different wallets.

Other big players are members that have been involved in Bitcoin processes, either creation, mining, or exchanges of the digital currency.

These include people like the Chairman of Bitpay, Toy Galippi who has around $20 mln invested in Bitcoin, or Dave Carlson, a software engineer who set up Bitcoin mining company MegaBigPower –according to CoinTelegraph.

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