BitTorrent (BTT) Sustains Its Momentum With New Listings and Trading Competitions 10

BitTorrent (BTT) Sustains Its Momentum With New Listings and Trading Competitions

The BitTorrent (BTT) token has managed to maintain its impressive value and trade volume almost a month after a successful token sale on the Binance Launchpad. At the time of the sale, one BTT was worth $0.00012. Checking the current value of the token, we find that at $0.00943 initial investors are still up 685% in profits in the brief time period that BTT has been available for trading in the markets.

Justin Sun Promises New Listings of BTT on Prominent Exchanges

Beside the first monthly BTT airdrop that happened on the 11th of this month, several events have contributed to BTT maintaining its bullish momentum in the crypto markets. After the token sale, Justin Sun promised the TRX and BTT communities that the BitTorrent token will continue being listed on top exchanges. His tweet making the promise can be found below.

True to his words, this week has seen BTT listed on Bithumb, KuCoin and Bitfinex.

BTT Listed on Bitfinex

BTT’s listing on Bitfinex was made public via a tweet that announced that the token will be paired with BTC and USD to start.

Zero Trading Fees on KuCoin

Earlier on in the day, KuCoin made a similar announcement with an added incentive of free trading fees for all BTT pairs for the next 3 days. The full tweet can be found below.

Listing on BitHumb with a 100 Million BTT Airdrop

BTT was also listed on BitHumb with an added incentive of an airdrop worth 100 Million BTT. The airdrop event will be for a period of 3 days till the 21st of February. The airdrop of BTT will be according to the individual deposits of the token into the exchange. Users with the highest BTT trade volume will also be eligible to get more tokens airdropped. More on this can be found on the exchange’s blog page.

Huobi Listing With a Trading Competition Worth 100 Million BTT

Huobi listed BTT on the 18th of February. The exchange currently has an ongoing trading competition with 100 Million BTT to give away till the 25th of February. The promotion by Huobi is also divided into two categories as follows.

  1. Any verified users who deposit BTT to Huobi Global can share 30 million BTT in total proportionate to their BTT net deposit volume (BTT net deposit volume = BTT deposit volume – BTT withdrawal volume)

  2. Any verified users who trade BTT on Huobi Global can share 70 million BTT in total proportionate to their BTT trading volume (trading volume = buying + selling volume, excluding self-trading volume)

What do you think of the recent rise of the BitTorrent (BTT) token in the crypto markets? Will it be sustained with time? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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