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Blockchain Technology Application on Cybersecurity – Pentagon Adaptation News

Bitcoin, or any other currency for example fiat currency have been included in black market transactions, drug exchanges, money-cleaning and so on for many many years. But in contrary, Pentagon noted out the use of Blockchain as a Cyber-security shield.

Blockchain Technology and the US Military

The blockchain technology has for some time now caught the US military eye and the listing on how it can be applied and developed for their own benefit.

To be able to withstand any threats to the country’s national security that target national security decision-makers and critical infrastructure the Pentagon made it clear there is a high potential of Blockchain use.

The purchases, communication and the technology that are done by the military can be left safe on the lookout by Blockchain Technology. It is designed to help increase the security of the entire US military, across all departments and units while preventing cyber attackers and terrorists from attacking military networks, including connected vehicles, aircraft and satellites.

The DARPA drive – The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

In the agency, the engineers have already started to form a communication service with no penetrating spots by attackers. If it does good on the inside of the testing phase, it will be tried out on battlefield soon. DARPA has asked the public to submit proposals on the best ways to put the service into action.

“‘Smart documents and contracts’ can be instantly and securely sent and received, thereby reducing exposure to hackers and reducing needless delays in DoD back-office correspondence.”

Another aim is to create programming codes that are impenetrable by hackers which will keep the database secure.

Government Relation with Blockchain

Above we mentioned DARPA which is not the first and only GOV agency that is taking blockchain into action. The utilization of the Block Tech has also been initiated by US Navy and Federal Agencies.


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