Buy Traditional Assets with Cryptocurrency: Abra Supporting Ripple’s XRP

Ethereum’s present rival XRP has expanded its reach towards global adoption as Abra – the famous cryptocurrency investing path and wallet highlighted the news that it is supporting the speedy coin to by U.S. stocks.

It is no surprise that the Abra app is very popular among the crypto&financial industry as its services are the first to be of its kind. The app opens ways for users that have Bitcoin [BTC] to purchase traditional assets like ETFs, commodities and US Stocks.

When asked if XRP will make it to the platform or when via twitter, Abra’s CEO replied positively but not letting out any specific date.

Very soon, the platform will open up for 155 countries to be their way-to-go when it comes for investments directly impacting the stocks and crypto exposure in a mass scale.

In the official blog post, Bill Barhydt, the CEO, aded

“Our vision for Abra is to create a single app that serves as the go-to investing app for the globe, This is just our first announcement, over time you will see other services in the banking arena to democratize access to financial service.”

While per moment the app only offers a few selected traditional assets, the team plans to soon add more ETFs and commodities.

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