ConsenSys Promotes 14 Crypto-Games and 2 dApps That Let Users Earn Money While Having Fun 10

ConsenSys Promotes 14 Crypto-Games and 2 dApps That Let Users Earn Money While Having Fun

The use of blockchain technologies is slowly permeating various aspects of everyday life. Not only industrial and business applications fill fans and maximalists with optimism, but lately, the appearance of Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) has begun to gain space in the ecosystem of gamers and collectors.

consesys Promotes Ethereum-based Games ConsenSys, the blockchain software technology company founded by Ethereum cofounder Joseph Lubin, recently published a post promoting this type of technology, seeking to excite the community with the Crypto-games idea, demonstrating that this concept goes far beyond the legendary Crypto Kitties.

They explained that the existence of the ERC-721 tokens, allows to create unique assets that can be attractive for collectors. Likewise, the combination of ERC721 and ERC20 tokens in the same development allows the creation of games and applications that, besides being fun, can turn out to be financially attractive for users:

“Online, blockchain-based games have embraced the ERC-721 token and launched a host of games with active users and transactions. As all these tokens are built off the same standard, we are seeing the emergence of liquid markets across the digital gaming ecosystem with people able to trade assets between games. And the best part? There’s even some $$$ in it for you if you commit the time.”

In the article, they explain that one of the team members made a profit of $600 in just 3 hours thanks to the trading of NFT on Ethereum. It is also important to note that Ethereum fans had previously seen how a crypto kitty was sold for 600 ETH, which represented a value of 170k for the moment

The team of ConsenSys promoted 16 games that have as a fundamental feature the possibility that their users get money while spending a pleasant time sharing with the community.

The promoted games are:

  1. Etheremon — Strike out and capture, train, sell, and trade unique digital creatures known as “Mons.”
  2. Cryptokitties — Yes, yes yes. The ‘original’ NFT blockchain game. But it belongs on this list! Buy, breed, and trade digital cats.
  3. PlasmaBears — Build, sell, and trade digital bears. Send them on adventures to discover valuable, wearable (and tradeable) assets.
  4. 0x Universe — Build a spaceship and explore the galaxy. Colonize planets and sell resources to continue your cosmic mission.
  5. Chibi Fighters — Collect, trade, and battle digital warriors on the battlefield. Collect weapons and assets to trade as well.
  6. Hyperdragons — Collect, breed, train, trade, and battle unique digital dragons on the blockchain.
  7. MyCryptoHeroes — Collect, train and battle historical figures…all without worrying about gas fees.
  8. Axie Infinity — Collect, raise, and battle unique digital fantasy creatures.
  9. Gods Unchained — A ‘head honcho’ in the NFT gaming space. A card trading game with tournaments and rewards.
  10. Blockchain Cuties — Breed, raise, battle, and outfit your creatures. Not so cute when you get them in the ring.
  11. World of Ether — Discover, breed, and pitch digital creates against one another on the blockchain. Keep searching for a legendary monster.
  12. Decentraland — Claim your NFT-based plot of land in this VR world and prepare to build and trade assets.
  13. CryptoAssault — Command armies in a 3D world. Capture territory, mine resources, and battle opponents.
  14. CryptoBaseball — Collect tokens that represent real baseball players and build your team to best reflect real-world performance.

Finally, they promoted two developments for exchanging artworks on the blockchain. One of these (SuperRare) was precisely the platform used by the team member to obtain the $600 they mentioned previously:

  • SuperRare — Buy, sell, and trade verifiably-unique digital art.
  • CryptoSketches — Create, buy, and sell vector images.