Bitcoin Cash SV

Craig Wright: “Billions of People Will Use Bitcoin Cash SV In Coming Years”

Away from the unnecessary hash wars, Craig Wright the Chief Scientist at nChain is a decent and have the best interest of the Bitcoin network and users at heart. Circumstances seem to tick him to “wild mode” and after a bitter exchange of words with Roger Ver and re-asserting that he is Satoshi, he now has control of Bitcoin Cash SV or what he fondly calls Bitcoin. With CSW plans of re-activating four operations codes, removing block size limits (32MB to 132MB block size is temporary) and ensuring the platform is smart contract ready, Craig Wright–in a recent medium post, said the network is ready to take care of businesses.

Opening Up Businesses

Amongst other things, Craig says their blockchain is ready to open up for businesses since it is scalable, a countless number of transactions would be sent without affecting the overall network performance. The overall intention of this new scalable and professional network is to create an enabling environment for businesses to operate efficiently. At the same time, their objective is not to create or promote any form of anarchy as mainstream media insinuate.

“It is not a method to create anonymous systems to help promote and create anarchy. Rather, we have been developing technologies to increase business efficiency, to open markets, and to allow trade.”

Instead, Craig says, their goal is to open up the market and to facilitate trade. By creating avenues through which different merchants can transact, the HODL fallacy would be debunked as speculators are drained allowing miners and other network stakeholders to draw value from their initial input.

“We plan to open development of systems that will have billions of people using Bitcoin in the coming years, without even knowing that they are using Bitcoin. Basically, we seek to create a system that proves the ends which reflect how any good system should be — not one based on ideology and religious drive, but simple efficiency and value.”


Bitcoin Cash SV Inventions and Adoption Plan

So far, Bitcoin Cash  SV has documented over 100 different inventions that have real-world value. All these concepts of inventions and associated inventions the nChain founder says will spur global adoption and use. In the real sense, Craig projects a world where billions are using their network without actually knowing they are using it because the network is resilient, can handle billions of transactions at a go and its foundation is not based on ideology and “religious drive” but on value to the end user and efficiency.

“We have already documented several 100s of inventions that have real-world value today. These are concepts and seeds of businesses that we will provide to developers seeking to extend the Bitcoin protocol on SV — not as a means to take down the state or anything along those lines, but simple and boring uses such as technological data plumbing.”


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