The Dawn of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies on Wall Street

The Dawn of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies on Wall Street

In the Era of digital economy and the fourth industrial revolution, in a dawn of completely new monetary system, in the age of globalized internet economy, people yet don’t have a real appreciation for how important and huge the idea and reality of crypto assets really is.

Unbelievably the similar situation is also on Wall Street with it’s very slow, traditional respond to such a fast and massive changing in business environment which will have impact on every kind of industry and every aspect of human life.

Lately the trace of actions in the right direction we are seeing in a couple of companies on Wall Street who have embraced digital currencies and as a result of that their share price surged.

According to Blomberg these kind of companies which became aware of the chances on embracing “digital technologies” or Bitcoin are the newest Wall Street fad.

Share price rise of 15 percent on GOLDMONEY who offered to it’s clients trading and storing of several cryptocurrencies in insured wallets was direct result of such digital money policy.

OVERSTOCK, who is managed by a crypto enthusiast Patrick Byrne also shows a rise in share price and market cap after announcing a digital currency trading platform.


As cryptocurrencies become more and more spendable, anytime and anywhere,

as blockchain based cryptocurrencies will become central to global financial system,

as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies multi million dollar industry volumes, are soaring in almost every nation-state,

as they are seen particularly suited for the demands of an ever-changing world with massive popularity and availability across all continents.

There is no question “if” but “when” the digital revolution will hit with a full swing to the Wall Street, and sooner than later we will witness as more and more companies will join this wild and excitement ride of digital revolution to the benefits of investors.

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