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For Every Video Made For Tron (TRX), Justin Sun Promises iPhoneX, Amazon Card

Justin Sun has invented a big bounty programme, where Tron (TRX) community members have the opportunity to win iPhoneX (64G) and $100 Amazon cards.

The idea, which is to enhance Tron’s (TRX) popularity across social media platform, is an initiative of Justin Sun, the founder of the cryptocurrency.

The windfall, which ends on the 3th August, according to a statement, is available to anyone who follows Justin Sun and TRON Foundation on Facebook. Every participant must make a video containing some enlightening statements about TRON’s Independence Day or TVM.

After that, the video must be shared on participant’s personal Facebook page, while 10 friends, Justin Sun and TRON Foundation are tagged.

Participant with the most likes and shares are rewarded with iPhoneX (64G), while other 5 succeeding participants get $ 100 Amazon Amazon cards or TRX of equivalent value.

Tron is on the race to gain popularity in the cryptocurrency space and beyond. Earlier, Ethereum World New reported that in one of the latest search analysis on Google, Cryptocurrency is one of the most researched word on the search engine, and it was stated clearly that Ripple and Tron are amongst the most researched coins in the market.

Tron’s Popularity on YouTube

Talking about Tron’s popularity on YouTube, the coin in a statement said “there are 3.82 million videos related to Tron, with an annual average of over 1,500 and an hourly average of over 100 new videos, among which over 80,000 long videos more than 20 minutes long”.

“The average viewing amounts of new videos in three days reach about 100,000 times and that of new videos more than 1 month reach over 6 million. Investors spontaneously created 500 TRON subscription channels on YouTube, with the number of fans subscribing to the active channel ranging from 100,000 to 500,000. We look forward to seeing more TRON investors pay attention to TRON’s information on YouTube and travel with TRON in this blockchain wave.”

YouTube has become a popular platform for overseas Tron investors to find engaging information about the coin. Justin Sun, who happens to be the founder, is adding another series of videos to Tron ecosystem. No doubt, this is a strategy to increase the popularity of Tron on social media.

About the video

  1. Take a short video no less than 1 minute (Necessary). Example: I’m XX+ I’m from XX + support the TRON+ blessing words.
  2. Share the video on your own Facebook page and tag at least 10 friends.
  3. Send your video to [email protected].